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Mind the environment when planning travel

UiO is committed to acting as environmentally-friendly and cost-effective as possible. Therefore, always start travel planning by checking our green travel tips! The checklist is also useful when inviting guests, sensors and lecturers who must travel to get to UiO.

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  1. Is the journey really necessary?
    For a variety of purposes, digital channels make it easy to meet and collaborate without traveling.
  2. Can you use a more environmentally friendly means of transport than flying?
    Investigate whether a train or bus can be a satisfactory alternative mode of travel.
  3. Can you combine several purposes within the same journey?
    Maybe a sensor can also hold a seminar, or maybe you and a collaboration partner plan to attend the same conference and can schedule a meeting at the same time?
  4. Can you substitute plane travel one way?
    By choosing train travel one way the emissions of the journey are almost halved.
  5. Can you avoid flying in sensors/opponents?
    Maybe it means that one opponent/sensor is flown in, while one can join via video conference?
  6. Avoid scheduling meetings/seminars at places that require air travel.
  7. Choose public transport or electric car rental for local trips.
    This is the most affordable and environmentally friendly way of travelling. If public transport is not possible, you can borrow an electric car for travel during working hours via UiO's electric car pool.
  8. Use an electric car instead of a taxi.
    It is better for the environment and you do not have to register travel expense claims. If you need to take a taxi, some taxi companies provide the option of choosing an environmentally friendly car when booking (electric car/hybrid).
Published Nov. 5, 2019 10:18 AM - Last modified Nov. 4, 2020 2:43 PM