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Travel preparations

A number of preparations must be made before you book a trip.

Mind the environment

UiO is committed to acting as environmentally-friendly and cost-effective as possible. Therefore, always start your travel planning by checking our green travel tips

Get approval for the travel

Use a credit card

Read more about the advantages of Eurocard

How to apply for credit cards

  1. Have your UiO employee number and BankID available. You can find your employee number on your payslip in the HR portal, see the user guide.
    Note: Credit card transactions will not be imported into the HR portal if the employee number is missing.
  2. Register your UiO email address on Eurocard's application portal ( and complete the online application form.
    Note: Since the card basically is an ordinary personal credit card, but with the annual fee payed by and the conditions customized to UiO, you will be asked to disclose your annual gross income, wealth, the overall debt of your household, your main bank connection and other credit cards you might dispose of.
  3. Sign your Application electronically by using BankID or Bypass. If you do not have the opportunity to sign electronically, press the alternative that you will sign manually. If you choose to sign on paper, you must print the completed application and attach a copy of a valid ID document confirmed by your manager. The documents are then to be sent to Eurocard, Branch of Eurocard AB, v / EDB Card Services AS, 8607 Mo i Rana.
  4. Based on your application, Eurocard conducts a personal credit check.
    Note: The result will only be communicated to the credit card company and yourself, not to UiO.
  5. Register your credit card details in the HR portal to ensure that transactions are made available for travel and  expense reimbursements.

Customer support

Contact the Eurocard customer service ( (Norwegian) to ask any questions you have about your credit card.

When leaving UiO

If you have a credit card through UiO and terminate your employment here, contact Eurocard customer service ( (Norwegian) and let them know if you wish to terminate your customer relationship or keep your credit card under other terms. If you choose to end the customer relationship, you do not need to return the card, but merely shred it.

Update your personal profile with Egencia 

All travel must be booked through Egencia. You need a profile to be able to book. When you log in for the first time, a profile will automatically be created for you, but you must update it yourself with the correct information, such as your credit card details.

All travel bookings must be linked to your UiO e-mail address, and this address must be included in your profile.

  1. Log in using your UiO username and password.
  2. Click on the arrow beside your name at the top right corner. Click the “Profile” link that appears. You can then edit your profile under the various menu options at the top of the screen. Note: Don't enter any information into the password fields, your UiO login is already activated!
  3. A profile will automatically be created for you where payment is by credit card. You therefore need to enter your credit card details. Apply for a credit card if you do not have one. See below for alternative payment methods.
  4. Make any necessary changes, and remember to save them.

Payment through invoice

According to UiO's guidelines for travel, credit card is the preferred payment method, and your credit card is charged through your Egencia profile. If you cannot use a credit card for any reason, you can apply to have an invoice profile in the Egencia system. Note that your travel will not be covered by Eurocard’s travel insurance.

Application for invoice profile

Invoice profiles are only assigned with the approval of your manager with budget allocation authority (BDM). Complete this online application form and attach the signed confirmation (pdf) from your manager indicating approval for an invoice profile

Travel advance

UiO only provides advances in exceptional cases. See the web page about travel advances for information about how to avoid needing a travel advance, and possibly to find out whether the trip you are planning qualifies for an advance.

Use of your own car

  • Use of your own vehicle must be approved in advance by your employer. Check with your manager with budget allocation authority (BDM) if you need to complete an approval form (word) or if an oral agreement will suffice.
  • For every stretch driven, the date, complete address of starting and ending point, number of kilometres and names of any passengers must be specified on the travel expenses claim.
  • For compensation see Section 6 of the Government Travel Allowance Scale (Norwegian) (

Stays abroad

Stays abroad require special planning and a number of practical preparations, especially if you are staying for a longer period and your partner and children will accompany you. See the checklist for helpful advice and tips about stays abroad.

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