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Paper claim form for travel expenses

If you receive hourly pay or fees from UiO or if you have received a travel advance, you fill out a paper claim form for travel expenses. Otherwise, you must follow other procedures.


Travel expenses claims must be submitted within one month after the completion of the trip.

Form to be used

How to fill out and submit the form

1. Start by filling out personal and journey information on the front page

  • Surname and forename
  • Norwegian national identity number (date of birth if you don't have a Norwegian ID number)
  • Home address
  • Bank account number
    • To be completed only if you have not previously received a payment from UiO or if your bank account number needs to be changed; the change will apply for all future payments from UiO.
    • For payments abroad, you must complete and include the form for bank account information (pdf). You will be debited bank and currency exchange charges.
  • Agency/Institution (unit of affiliation at UiO)
  • Department/Division (subunit of affiliation at UiO)
  • Claim in connection with (type of journey)
  • Destination, including town (for some towns and cities the applicable rates differ from the rest of the country)
  • Purpose of journey
  • Date and time of departure and return
  • Overnight stay (type of board)

2. Fill out the reverse page

  • Journey specification and expenses
    • Specification and expenses to be reimbursed for transport etc.
    • The distances driven if claiming mileage for use of your own vehicle; the Government travel allowance scale for domestic travel ( (Norwegian) applies to both domestic and international travel.
    • Times needed to prove the correctness of subsistence and overnight allowance calculations when travelling through multiple countries
  • Expenses for accommodation, food, etc.
    • List all expenses for accommodation (hotel, hostel, apartment), food and other expenses such as parking etc.
    • Remember to provide name and address of all accommodation that has caused expenses.
    • If you have spent one or more nights in private accommodation, this is to be specified in the next section «Overnight stay».
  • Overnight stay
    This section is to be filled out for accommodation you have not had any expenses for:
    • Provide the name and address of the hotel, hostel or other accommodation.
    • If you have stayed in a private place, enter «Lived private». You do not have to enter your address.
  • Remarks
    If your claim form is not self-explanatory, please add any additional information here.

3. Complete filling out the front page

  • Total expenses from the reverse side
    Transfer from the reverse page the sum of «Travel Expenses» and «Expenses for accommodation, food, etc..»
  • Allowances
    • List the number, rate and amount of subsistence allowances and overnight accommodation supplements that you are entitled to, see links to regulations and scales in the right-margin. If you are uncertain what you are entitled to, ask the local accounts unit for assistance.
    • If you have used your own car, transfer from the reverse page the amount of the allowance and document the advance approval of your manager with budget allocation authority in one of these two alternatives:
      1. The manager's signature in the «Authority for use of the vehicle» field on the reverse page of the claim form.
      2. Form for advance approval (word)
  • Sub-total
    Enter the sum of all listed expenses and allowances in the row «Sub-total» and column «Amount».
  • Deductions
  • Grand total
  • Travel advances
    • If a travel advance has been paid, this must be specified and a deduction made accordingly.
    • You can specify details about the travel advance in the section «Remarks» on the reverse page.
  • Net total
  • Signature
    Enter date and your signature in the row «Claimant's signature».

4. Submit the form and required documentation

Submit the completed and signed travel expenses claim form together with all required documentation to the local accounts unit.


  • Reimbursement claims are normally settled twice a month. For specific dates, check the payroll schedule.
  • Usually it takes at least six weeks from the date of submitting the claim to UiO until the amount is transferred to your account. Payments to foreign countries may take considerably longer.
  • Check payments are no longer made.

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