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Travel expenses claim in the HR portal

If you receive monthly paid salary from UiO and have not received a travel advance, you fill out and submit travel expenses claims in the HR portal. Otherwise, you must follow other procedures.

How to fill out and submit a travel expenses claim form in the HR portal

  1. Fill out the travel expenses claim form in the HR portal within one month of completing your trip, see guidelines
  2. Upload required documentation, see guidelines.
  3. When finished, press the button Send for approval.


  • Wholly electronic travel expenses claim: Both the travel expenses claim form and all attachments are submitted electronically through the HR portal, see guidelines
  • Only one travel expense claim per trip: Reimbursement of all expenses relating to one trip, including participation in courses and conferences, is to be requested in one single travel expenses claim.
  • Using your UiO credit card: Transactions charged to your UiO credit card are imported to the HR portal and can be uploaded while you complete your claim form, see guidelines. Transactions become available on the HR portal at the correct exchange rate only a few days after the transaction was made. There is therefore no need to wait for the invoice from Eurocard before completing your claim form. UiO’s documentation requirements for reimbursements apply even if an item has been paid by Eurocard.
  • Travel abroad: If you have been travelling abroad, remember to claim the compensation supplements ( (Norwegian).
  • Subsistence: If while travelling you paid for some or all of your own meals yourself, you can either claim subsistence expenses as per the Government’s travel allowance regulations (see links in the right-hand margin), or you can submit your receipts and have the specified amounts reimbursed. If you claim subsistence expenses, remember to list the names and addresses of your accommodation providers even if your accommodation was paid for by someone else or via a travel agency, see subsistence expenses (
  • Overnight allowance: Check your entitlement with respect to accommodation and overnight allowance ( (Norwegian).
  • Using your own car: You must provide the name of the person who approved the use of your own car, and the name of any passengers, in the Comment field. Remember also to submit complete addresses of the starting and ending point of your journey.

Special conditions

Hosting and entertaining on business trips

  • Hosting and entertaining expenses incurred during business trips are reimbursed only in accordance with the current rules and rates, see UiO’s guidelines. Remember that the rates for hosting and entertaining expenses are different.
  • Entertaining must be approved in advance on a special form (word).
  • If the expense covers a number of people, you must enclose a list of participants.

Travel by the cheapest available form of transport?

To ensure that their travel budgets last as long as possible, many UiO employees wish to travel by the cheapest available form of transport. Many even refrain from claiming their full entitlement under the travel regulations. In such cases, travel expenses may be claimed in one of two ways:

  1. By receipt
    • Submit receipts for all travel expenses: transport, accommodation, food, sundry expenses such as parking, airline overweight luggage charges etc.
    • Accommodation and meal expenses must never exceed the Government travel allowance regulations, see links in the right-hand margin.
    • Reimbursements of expenses paid are tax-exempt.
  2. By allowance scale
    • Claim a subsistence expense allowance, but claim for fewer days than what you are entitled to.
    • Subsistence expenses and other allowances claimed by reference to pre-defined scales are subject to tax. This means that a travel expenses claim form must be completed, not a reimbursement form.

Field work


  • Travel expenses claims are, as a rule, settled twice a month. For specific dates, check the payroll schedule. Travel expenses claims that have been authorized in the HR portal by the Deadline at Payroll Office will be paid at the next run for travel expenses claims.
  • Have you not received the full amount claimed? This is normally because income tax on your subsistence expenses or compensation supplements has been withheld.
  • If you think the amount is incorrect, check the HR portal to see if a comment has been added to your claim form.
  • Travel grants are tax-exempt only if they cover the added cost of accommodation away from home.
  • Check payments are no longer made.
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