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Kari Bremnes at Sentrum Scene

Kari Bremnes gives her only Oslo concerts this year on 24 and 25 October at Sentrum Scene. The Culture and Welfare Committee at UiO has reserved discounted tickets for standing places.

Portrett av Kari Bremnes

Kari Bremnes is one of Norway's foremost female singers, songwriters, and composers. Photo: Stian Andersen


Bremnes is looking forward to present her newest songs at Sentrum Scene after a long break in her career: - I am terribly happy to play there, as is my band. It has become a kind of concert home for us in Oslo. The hall with the hot, irresistible hum. In the meantime, I'll write and toss - and write without tossing. And at the other end, there will be this weird, fine thing called concert, she says.

About the artist

North-facing, European, open, large, personal and melancholy - are words that can be linked to Kari's music. The huge range in her concerts is a signature for Kari Bremnes' band. From the lightest to the rather dark and raw. And all the time with a closeness to people and fate of life. Kari has written songs for 20 years and released 15 solo albums. She now has a larger audience than ever, with a large concert audience in several countries and a record audience all over the world.

Kari Bremne's band consists of:

  • Børre Flyen: drums
  • Petter Unstad: bass / vocals
  • Børge Petersen-Øverleir: guitar
  • Bengt E. Hanssen: keys / vocals
  • Geir Østensjø: sound


Price: NOK 300 (ordinary price is NOK 490)

Note: Tickets are booked at Ticketmaster which does not support Internet Explorer. You must therefore use a different browser, e.g. Chrome, Firefox or Safari when ordering tickets.

Order tickets for the concert on 24 October

Order tickets for the concert on 25 October

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