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Break exercises at your work place

Movies with break exercises that you can do during the work day to prevent musculoskeletal disorders. There are short films for individual exercises and assembled for sitting or standing. Select some or all. Do the exercises alone or with colleagues.

Illustrasjon av film
Take a look at the instruction movies below

Do the simple exercises regularly or when you experience stiffness or discomfort in your body. Customise to your own level. The exercises should feel comfortable to the body and give you:

  • a micropause from screen work
  • physical variation
  • increased blood flow
  • improved mobility, balance and relaxation

Introduction with examples

Examples of exercises that you can do during the work day.

Knee bends

Activate and strengthen the big muscles in the legs, start the blood circulation, prevent stiffness and become more alert.

Chest and arms

Stretching of the chest muscles with simultaneous rotation of the arms. This muscle group often gets tight when sitting in front of the computer screen.

Back rotation

Stretching and mobility in the back. Make sure rotation only happens in the back. The hips are kept still.


Stretch of forearm muscles, which are very active with keyboard and mouse use. Here are two alternatives: bottom and top.


Stretch the neck with slow side to side rotations. Relaxation and stretching of muscles that are often tight in office workers.

Spinal motion

Movement in the upper back, which is often in a forward-bending position when working in front of a computer screen. Use a low back chair.


Shoulder-roll for mobility and increased blood flow in the shoulders.


Eye movements, which may be subject to overload when working in front of the screen. Relax the jaws when doing the exercises.

Assembled for sitting

Programme of 7 minutes in sitting position.

Assembled for standing

Programme of 5 minutes in standing position.


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