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Form of governance at the University’s kindergarten

The University’s day-care institution is governed by 4 bodies.

The Day-Care Institution Council

  • Tasks
    • Appeal body for decisions made by the admissions committee
    • Advisory body to the University/University Senate in cases of fundamental importance to the day-care institution’s operations
  • Composition
    • 1 common representative of the civil servants’ unions
    • 1 representative of the Gender Equality Committee
    • 3 representatives of University of Oslo (UiO)
    • The manager of the day-care institution

The Coordinating Committee

  • Tasks
    • To submit proposals as to budgets and annual plans and prepare annual accounts in collaboration with the manager
    • To ensure that the day-care institution is run in accordance with prevailing decisions and within the framework of the funds allocated
  • Composition
    • 2 representatives of the parents
    • 2 representatives of the employees
    • 2 representatives of UiO
    • The manager is entitled to attend and speak at the meetings

The Parents’ Council

  • Task
    • Together with the personnel, to safeguard the children’s and parents’ interests when it comes to ensuring good opportunities for development and activity for the children
  • Composition
    • All parents/persons in loco parentis who have children in the day-care institution

The Parents’ Council’s Working Committee (PCWC)

  • Tasks
    • To give notice of and chair parents’ council meetings
    • The chair and deputy chair are the parents’ representatives on the coordinating committee
    • 2 are alternate representatives
  • Composition
    • 1 parents’ representative from each of the day-care institution’s departments
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