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Follow-up of long-term sick leave

After 8 weeks, the follow-up of the sick leave will consist of regular contact between you and your Head/Manager. The purpose will still be to help you return to work as quickly as possible. Dialogue meeting 2 will be the next point of contact and convened by NAV after you have been on sick leave for 6 months.

Extended medical certificate after 8 weeks

If you are not involved in work-related activity within eight weeks, you need an extended medical certificate documenting that there are compelling medical reasons that prevent you from participating in a work-related activity. Your doctor will initiate the extension of your medical certificate.

Dialogue meeting 2 after 6 months

  • NAV will hold dialogue meeting 2 within 6 months of your being on sick leave.
  • If medically possible, you must participate in this meeting, along with the issuer of your medical certificate and your employer.
  • The topic of the meeting is follow-up and opportunities for workplace adaptations that would help you return to work.
  • If necessary, NAV rehabilitation measures or employment schemes can also be considered.
  • Read more about holding the dialogue meeting.
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