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How do you report sick leave?

1. Notify your immediate superior

  • When you are absent from work because you, your child or the child's minder is sick, you must ensure that your immediate superior is notified on the first day of absence. If you have several employers, you must notify your immediate superior at each work place.
  • You should also provide an estimate of how long you will be absent.
  • The notification can be made by telephone, SMS or e-mail.
  • Consider if others that are affected by your absence should be notified, for example close colleagues or people you are scheduled to meet. But keep in mind that message of absence should not be sent to lists that have many recipients, such as an entire section. Be brief: just say you're sick, don't describe what is wrong with you.
  • Staff at the Department of Social Antropology should send an e-mail to or notify their immediate superior by phone or SMS (who sends an e-mail to

2. Report self-certified sick leave

3. Submit a medical certificate if necessary

  • If your illness extends beyond the self-certification period, you must submit a medical certificate.
  • A medical certificate must be issued by your doctor, or by others who have the right to issue medical certificates (e.g. a chiropractor or manual therapist).
  • If possible, submit a digital medical certificate. This is most convenient for both yourself and all other stakeholders. If this is not possible, you submit a medical certificate on paper, for example, when a medical certificate is issued by a hospital, if you cannot obtain a BankID or other identification at the highest security level, or if you have a strictly confidential address.
  • You must submit a digital medical certificate. If this is not possible, UiO accepts that you provide a medical certificate on paper.
    • This is how you submit a digital medical certificate:
      1. When you have been with your doctor and been declared sick, you will receive an SMS/e-mail with a link to your digital medical report.
      2. You must log in to Ditt NAV > Ditt sykefravær ( (Norwegian) with your electronic ID and send the medical certificate electronically to the employer/immediate manager at once and at the latest within 14 days.
      3. When the sick leave period is over, you will receive a new notice from NAV. Then you again must log in to Ditt NAV > Ditt sykefravær ( (Norwegian) and fill in an application for sickness benefit before sending it to your employer. In some cases, you receive more than one notice, for example, if the sick leave period is longer than two weeks. Then you must fill in each application and send it to the employer continuously.
      4. Upon submitting a digital medical certificate, sickness absence is registered directly in SAPUiO, and you do not need to register it in the HR portal.
      5. If you are on partial sick leave, you must register working hours in the HR portal. Enter hours on the days you are at work. Note: When you try to save the registration, a message will appear in the HR portal «conflict with HR record for the whole day». You can ignore this warning: Just go ahead and press the Save button again.
    • This is how you submit a medical certificate on paper (altered routine due to the coronavirus situation):
      1. When you have been with your doctor and been declared sick, the paper-based medical certificate consists of four parts:
        • Part A is NAV Social Security's original medical certificate and your doctor will send it directly to NAV.
        • Part B is sick person's copy of the medical certificate and for you to keep.
        • Part C is the employer's copy of the medical certificate.
        • Part D is the the claim for sickness benefit.
      2. You must send the medical certificate, part C, to your manager at the UiO address immediately and at the latest within 14 days.
      3. You must send the claim for sickness benefit, part D, to your manager at the UiO address immediately after the sick leave period has ended. You must complete and sign the self-declaration in section 8. Please consult the user guide (pdf) to ensure correct completion. UiO will forward the claim to NAV for reimbursement of sickness benefit.
      4. Register your sick leave in the HR portal in the same way that you register self-certified sick leave. Under Absence Type, select Sick leave on paper. If you do not have the opportunity to register your sick leave in the HR portal yourself, your manager can do this on your behalf.
      5. If you are declared sick by a doctor abroad, you must, in addition to a medical certificate, submit a self-declaration for foreign sick leave - NAV 08-09.06 ( so that UiO can apply for a refund of sickness benefit  from NAV. Note: This applies only to countries within the EU/EEA. If you get sick outside of Europe, you will not be entitled to salary during sickness. However, if you have been on a holiday, you may be entitled to a replacement holiday. Read more about sickness and holiday.
  • Staff at USIT must also register sick leave certified by a doctor in CT, see user guide (Norwegian).


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