Duty work for doctoral candidates at the Natural History Museum

Duty work

Doctoral candidates with 4-year contracts have 25 % duty work, i.e. a total of 1695 hours:

  • The duty work should be divided between work connected to your research group (maximum 70 %) such as teaching, lab. work and work in the collections.
  • The rest (at least 30 %) would include assistance outside your research group such as the Department of Exhibitions and Public Services, the Technical and Scientific Conservation, the Administration or a different collection (including the Botanical Garden).


  • contract (word) has to be signed within two months after start of your employment. The contract should be as specific as possible, but can be changed later if necessary.
  • Send a suggestion (use the contract formular) of preferred duty work to Elisabeth Aronsen (total number of hours per activity).


  • The doctoral candidate should be actively engaged in fulfilling the commitments stated in the contract. The doctoral candidate is also responsible for keeping a record of the hours spent on the different activities and to submit a report twice a year (June and December) to Elisabeth Aronsen (with a copy to all the involved managers)
  • Please use this form (excel) to keep track of hours spent ondifferent activities.
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Published Nov. 13, 2015 3:29 PM - Last modified Nov. 20, 2015 11:30 AM