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Whom do you contact about the employee ID card?

Are you newly employed and need an employee ID card?

Visit the SiO Customer Service Centre two days after starting work at UiO and bring along a valid ID card, e.g. your passport or Norwegian bank card.

Are you not employed or temporarily employed for less than three months and need access to building, zones, or rooms at UiO?

Contact the Head of Office at your local unit to obtain a non-personal ID card on loan.

Are you an employee and have lost your ID card?

Are you employed and have changed your name or other personal information?

  1. Contact your local personnel officer to check if your correct personal data have been entered in UiO's payroll and personnel system SAPUiO. If you have changed your name, you must be able to show a valid form of ID with the new name, or a marriage or civil partnership certificate if relevant.
  2. Visit the SiO Customer Service Centre and bring with you your old employee card and an ID card showing your new personal information.

Are you an employee and have an employee ID card that is worn, damaged, or has expired (> 5 years)?

The SiO Customer Service Centre issues a new employee ID card free of charge when the old one is handed in for shredding.

Are you an employee and are denied access to buildings, zones and rooms you need access to?

Contact the Head of Office at your local unit.

Are you an administrative manager and have:

  • a new employee who needs access to buildings, zones, or rooms?
  • an employee who cannot access buildings, zones, or rooms with his or her employee ID card?
  • an employee who needs to be able to access more or different buildings, zones, and rooms with his or her employee ID card?
  • a need for non-personal ID cards for loan?

Send an e-mail to containing the following information:

Employee ID card:

  • Name and employee number
  • Time period of affiliation with UiO
  • To which buildings, zones, and rooms access is required, possibly for which period.
  • For employees arriving from abroad, the information must include:
    • date of birth
    • that the employee has arrived from abroad and from which country
    • name of the unit the employee is affiliated with
  • For PhD candidates with external funding/employment, the information must include:
    • Norwegian ID number
    • name of the unit the PhD candidate is affiliated with

Non-personal loan card:

  • Number of cards
  • To which buildings, zones, and rooms the cards are to give access to.