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Mail and postage

The main tasks of the messenger and transport service is to deliver post to/from the different University units and to dispatch outgoing mail daily.

Outgoing mail

is sent as standard second class. All mail shall be marked "University of Oslo" or be placed in envelopes carrying the University logo. Mail which is not properly marked will be rejected unless otherwise agreed specifically. When printing envelopes, units are recommended to contact the messenger and transport service for the correct printing of the postage paid label, positioning of text etc.

When is mail delivered?

Mail is delivered every morning to the University's messenger service where it is sorted and delivered to the individual units. The University has approximately 200 post office box addresses in Blindern in addition to several other locations in Oslo. The mail is then delivered to the units or to the sub-archives for the units which have sub-archives.

Delivery from 10.30

There are five mail routes operated by car and one manual route in the administration building. Mail deliveries start at 10.30 every day.

Mail routes

The mail routes cover the Blindern area, Gaustad, Forskningsparken, Tøyen, Økern, Geitmyrsveien, Ullevål hospital, Bygdøy, city centre and other units where the University is located. In total, there are around 75 delivery locations by car. Internal deliveries/collection in the individual buildings is carried out by local employees.


For units which have a sub-archive, a second afternoon mail delivery is carried out to distribute mail after processing by the archives and to collect outgoing mail. Mail is then sorted by the department and internal mail is distributed during the mail delivery the next day. External mail is sorted, made ready, franked etc. and collected by the Norwegian mail service in the afternoon.

Employees may deliver outgoing mail up to 14.30 to the messenger service if delivery is required on the same day.

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