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Routines for receiving guests at the Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics

Please read this before inviting guests to the Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics.

Before your guest arrives


Your guest needs to complete an electronic form prior to arrival. The process of finding office space, keys, admission cards, computer accounts etc will start when this form has been submitted. Please see to it that your guest completes this form as early as possible and at the latest within these deadlines:

  • Long-term guests (≥ 5 working days)
    The online form must be completed preferably 1 month prior to arrival. If the guest would like to apply for UiO researcher housing, an additional form must be sent in (see Accommodation).
  • Short-term guests (< 5 working days)
    The online form must be completed at the latest 1 week prior to arrival.

We need to keep a record of the number of lectures given by long-term guests since this information must be registered in Cristin. Therefore, you are requested to register the number of planned lectures given by the long-term guest in the online form above.


  • Does your guest need assistance with accommodation? See accommodation for international researchers at UiO for available options.
  • Hotel accommodation: please contact Brenda. For guests to RoCS please contact Benedikte.
  • Researcher housing through UiO: The guest must complete the Application for researcher housing at UiO. This form together with information whether or not the institute will be paying for the housing must be sent by e-mail to Brenda, or Benedikte for RoCS, who will forward it to the researcher housing office. 
  • Application for researcher housing should be sent in as early as possible!

Note: If the institute is paying for the accommodation, you first must

  • Receive permission from the appropriate section leader (Hans Kristian or Mats)
  • Inform Vanity Marimuthu (Ø210, Fysikkbygningen) which project number the bill is to be charged to
  • If applying for UiO researcher housing: Tell Brenda, or Benedikte for RoCS, that you have confirmation from the section leader that the institute will pay the bill.

When your guest arrives

  • Pick up guest key and access card by contacting Kristine.
  • It is nice for both us and your guest if you take your guest on a tour of the building and introduce him/her.

Before your guest leaves

  • Please make sure that your guest hands in keys and access cards before departing. We only have a limited number of these.
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