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Personal incidental expenses allowance

PIES allowance

What is a personal incidental expenses allowance?

It is an allowance that can be paid when all meals in a 24-hour period are covered, and you therefore do not qualify for a subsistence allowance (subsistence allowance – deduction for meals = 0). The PIES allowance is intended to cover minor expenses for soft drinks, newspaper, fruit etc.

Calculating the PIES allowance

Rates in 2015:

  • Abroad: NOK 90 per day

Rates in 2014:

  • In Norway: NOK 100 per day
  • Abroad: NOK 120 per day

Example – PIES allowance for whole trip (Norwegian)
Example – PIES allowance for parts of trip (Norwegian)

For more information about PIES allowance, see Kurs- og konferansereiser / Reiser der måltider og overnatting er organisert og dekket av arbeidsgiver (Norwegian).

Published Jan 15, 2010 09:44 AM - Last modified Jan 5, 2015 12:21 PM