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Guest access to UiO's IT systems

In some cases, people who are not employees or students at UiO need access to parts of UiO's IT systems. In addition, some employees or associates who receive a salary from UiO may need IT access for a longer period than the contract period.

These roles can gain IT access as a guest at UiO

  • Emeritus*: academic employees who have retired, but who still have an office, etc. at UiO, and technical-administrative employees who have retired and whom the unit believes should still have access.
  • Guest researcher*: researchers who are not paid by UiO, but who need access to infrastructure such as offices, IT user accounts, library cards, Cristin, etc.
  • External consultant: persons that UiO does not pay directly, typically substitutes from a temporary staff recruitment agency, consultants etc. This role can also be used for external parties who need access to ePhorte access.
  • External partner: persons who are not paid by UiO, typically board members or to persons to be registered in Cristin.

*The roles of emeritus and guest researcher do not receive access to the case and archive system ePhorte (Norwegian).

Different accesses for paid and unpaid guests

There are now two ways of processing accesses since SAPDFØ does not allow salary payments to be made to persons who are registered as guests in the system:

  1. Emeritus, guest researchers and others who need access in connection with hourly, monthly or assignment contracts (toa) are registered directly in Cerebrum.
  2. External consultants, externally funded PhD candidates and others who will never be paid salaries, holiday pay or final settlements by UiO, but who need access to DFØ's system solutions, gain access through registration in SAPDFØ.

How to apply for IT access for guests

The contact person at the unit must fill in the application form for IT access. The application must be approved by the manager and/ or the IT manager at the unit.

Note: Applications from the Faculty of Medicine must be sent via a separate website.

Information required for filling out the form

Information about who orders and who approves the access:

  1. Name of the person ordering
  2. E-mail of the person ordering
  3. Name of the manager who will approve the access

Guest and organisation information:

  1. Creating access or renewing access
  2. Guest's first and middle name
  3. Guest's last name
  4. Address
  5. Postcode
  6. Private mobile phone number; registration in SAP provides access to UiO's password exchange service via SMS.
  7. Private e-mail address
  8. Norwegian ID number
    • If yes, the ID number (11 digits) must be filled in
    • If not, the following information must be entered:
      • Sex
      • Nationality
      • Passport number (if the guest does not have Norwegian citizenship)
      • Nationality on passport
  9. Any reservation against publishing names online
  10. Start and end date. The accesses will be removed by the end date, so it is important that this is followed up by the unit to renew the accesses if necessary.
  11. Organisation ID - 8 digits: This is a new ID and not the same as former area code. To find your unit's org ID, contact your local personnel officer or look it up in OrgReg (Norwegian).
  12. Name of organisational unit: Enter the name of the unit the guest is affiliated with, be it institute, department, section, etc.
  13. Role: State the role the person should have.
  14. Special circumstances: We need an assessment here of whether the person in question should receive some form of salary payment. If the person in question is registered as a guest in SAPDFØ, any payment will be stalled in the system.

Order guest access (online)

Overview of registered guests at your unit

You have an overview of registered guests at your unit at under «Guests».

Registrations are automatically terminated at the end of the registration period. Changes during this period must be reported to


If you have questions related to guest accesses, contact support at

Rules for the use of IT services at UiO

Everyone who is given guest access at UiO must follow the current IT regulations at UiO.

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