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Payment by check

Checks are not issued to persons who have a valid bank account in Norway or abroad. Payment via check is very resource-intensive. A unit cannot offer payment by check without first having contacted the Payroll Helpdesk (e-mail).


  1. The recipient does not have a Norwegian or foreign bank account. Note: Only where weighty considerations towards the recipient of the payment can be accounted for, an check will be issued. If the recipient has a foreign bank account, payment is usually made to the foreign bank (Norwegian).
  2. Written justification for payment by check.
  3. Payment by check must be agreed in advance with the local personnel officer and the Payroll Office.


A check is ordered by sending the following documents to the Payroll Office:

  1. Certified and assigned original voucher with required documentation
    A check is issued only for vouchers submitted for the regular payroll runs, see payroll schedule.
  2. Written justification
    • It must be well-founded why it is necessary to pay by check. It is not allowed to pay by check for multiple periods to the same person.
    • The name of local personnel officer who justifies the use of check and the name of the case handler at the Payroll Office that has approved such payment must be clearly stated.
  3. Power of attorney
    If a third party is to collect and/or cash the check, a manager with budget allocation authority (BDM) must issue a written power of attorney where the following is stated:
    1. Name of the holder of the power of attorney
    2. Name of the person on behalf of whom the holder of the power of attorney is authorized to act
    3. Whether the holder of the power of attorney is authorized to collect and/or cash the check
    4. The amount to be paid by check
    5. Issue date of the power of attorney
    6. Name and signature of the person issuing the power of attorney


The recipient of the payment (or the person authorized to collect the check) can collect the check according to specific agreement between 10:00 and 12:00 am at Sogn Arena, 4th floor, Klaus Torgårds vei 3, 0372 Oslo, see map and access.

Cashing a check

Checks can only be cashed at regular post offices. The most convenient ones are:

Note: When cashing a check, valid identification must be presented.

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