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Graphic services

We provide the following graphic services:

  • Design and printing of scientific posters
  • Design and adaptaion of figures and illustrations
  • File format conversion
  • Laminating
  • Binding

Poster production

We design scientific posters and print them at the Radium Hospital or the The University Print Centre. Printing is billed internally at OUS and UiO respectively.

Delivery time is 3 weeks for design and printing, and 1 week for printing only.

What do you need to prepare before submitting to us:

Poster design

  • Poster text as Word file
  • Figures/photos as separate files (JPEG/TIFF etc.)
  • Tables and diagrams as Excel/Word/SPSS files
  • Size specifications (Width x Height)
  • OUS or UiO org. unit ID (kostnadssted)

Poster printing

  • Poster as Powerpoint or PDF file
  • Document size must be correct. Check [Design -> Page Setup] in Powerpoint.
  • OUS or UiO org. unit ID (kostnadssted)

Illustrations and figures

We can adapt your illustrations and figures for publication, or we can design them for you.

Involve us early and the process will run smoother and faster.

File format conversion

We convert all file formats. For example Word to PDF, Excel to EPS and PDF to JPEG.

Laminating og binding

We laminate documents and photos from credit card to A4 size.

We bind theses, compendiums etc. from 10-350 pages.

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