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Upload course videos

The application "Upload course videos" enables you to upload course videos to the semester pages, in the folder "Lecture videos" ("forelesningsvideoer"). You may also link the content to a specific lecture activity in the schedule. If the course uses Canvas, the video will also be available from the menu in the Canvas course room.

If you would like to upload course videos manually, please see our guide for manual uploading.

1. Start the web application

Start the web application by going to the Upload course videos website.

All UiO users have access by logging in with their UiO username and password. 

2. Select course

After logging in, select the course you wish to upload course videos to.

To upload course videos to a course you need to have write access to the folder "Lecture videos" ("forelesningsvideoer") on the semester page. If you do not have access to the folder, contact the web editor for studies at your unit.  

By connecting the course video to a specific lecture activity in the schedule, it will be available for the students in the course schedule and in Mine studier. If no lecture is chosen, your course video will be uploaded to the folder "Lecture videos", but will not be linked from the web pages.

When you have chosen a course and lecture (optional) click the "Next"-button.    

Screenshot from uploading application, first page, select course.

3. Settings

You have now chosen a course and lecture (optional). Next you need to choose a title for your recording(s) and a publishing state. 

Title recording

The title is the title the video file will get once uploaded. When linked to a lecture, this title will be displayed in the schedule. A default title is set, but you can change it here. 

Screen shot of the title recording field in the application.
The title can be changed from the default title before uploading the video.

If you choose to upload more than one file, all files will get the same title in the schedule. You may change the title later by accessing the file on the semester page.

See how you can change the title of the video after it has been uploaded

Click on the link to the video in the e-mail you received from the "Upload course videos"-application.

Click "Edit" and change the video title in the field under "Title". Once you are done, click the "Save and view"-button. 

Picture of changing the title after upload.
You can change the title of the video once it has been uploaded to the semester page.

See examples of where the title will appear on the semester pages

Screen shot of the timetable with link to the lecture recording.
The title is displayed as the link in the schedule.
Screen shot of the video web page with title.
The title is also displayed on the video web page.

Upload published/unpublished

You can choose whether to upload the recording in a published or unpublished state on the semester page. If the recording is published, it will be available in the schedule and on the web pages from the moment it is uploaded. If the recording is unpublished, it will not be available in the schedule or the web pages until it is published. 

Screenshot from uploading application, second page, settings.
Choose wether to upload the video published or unpublished.

4. Select files

Browse files

Browse and select the video files you wish to upload on your computer. 

Please ensure that the file name follows UiO´s guide lines for naming folders and files.


When you have selected one or more video files the "Upload"-button will be enabled. Upload the files to the application by clicking the "Upload"-button. 

Picture of upload page.

Confirm and submit

When the video files are uploaded to the application click the "Confirm and submit files"-button, to send the videos to the semester page. You will receive an e-mail when your video files are uploaded and available in the "Lecture videos" ("forelesningsvideoer")-folder. 

Picture of upload page.

Once you have clicked the "Confirm and submit files"-button, you get a confirmation dialogue with information that the video is being submitted.

Screen shot of confirmation dialogue after submitting.
Confirmation dialogue after submitting the files.

Where are the videos available?

After uploading, the videos are available in the folder "Lecture videos" ("Forelesningsvideoer") at the course semester page. If the video was connected to a specific lecture activity in the schedule, it will also be available for the students in the course schedule and in Mine studier. 

If the course uses Canvas, the videos are available in the Canvas course room, in the left menu option "Video".

Screen shot of the timetable with a video link.
When the uploaded video is connected to a lecture acitivy, it is available for the students in the course schedule.
Skjermbilde av Canvas med forelesningsvideoer
If the course uses Canvas, the uploaded videos are available from the left menu in the course room in Canvas.

Access to the lecture videos

Access to the lecture videos is determined by the permissions set on the folder "Lecture videos" (forelesningsvideoer). See the "Permissions" tab to see who has access to the video, or manage the access to the folder.

More about the application

Read more about the application "Upload course videos"

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