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The SAB process – Internal consultation round

Before the UiO Board assesses the proposals on various organizational changes submitted by the SAB working group 4, it wants the opinions of the consultative bodies and staff members at UiO.

The Strategic Advisory Board (SAB) was appointed by Rector Ole Petter Ottersen in November 2012. SAB was charged with providing advice on how UiO can achieve the objectives defined in Strategy 2020. In August 2014, SAB submitted the report Build a Ladder to the Stars (pdf). The UiO Board has decided that the report shall be followed up in four activity areas: 1) quality of education, 2) research quality, 3) interdisciplinarity and 4) organizational and decision-making structure.

The report from the SAB working group 4 that has assessed the need for amendments to UiO's organizational and decision-making structure is available here: An organizational and decision-making structure that supports UiO’s strategic objectives (pdf)

In May 2016, a consultation round is being held regarding the proposals for measures presented in the report.

The consultation process

All staff members and consultative bodies where welcome to submit responses to the consultation. Read the responses to the consultation (in Norwegian).


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