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All research collaboration in which UiO is involved shall be based on contracts. As a main rule, UiO’s contract templates shall be used whenever available.

Which contract template is to be used for each research project depends, for example, on the way in which the project will be funded.

Research funded by the EU

For EU projects funded by the 7th Framework Programme, UiO uses the DESCA template.

Research funded by the Research Council of Norway (NFR)

For research projects funded by the Research Council of Norway, UiO’s contract template or examples of agreements  prepared by the Research Council of Norway,  shall be used.

Research funded by parties other than the EU and NFR

Research projects are categorized as collaboration projects or commissioned projects, depending on the way in which they are funded and organized.

Collaboration projects

The main feature of a collaboration project is that:

  • UiO will collaborate with an external party, and the project is balanced in terms of each party’s contributions.

Go to contract templates for collaboration projects

Commissioned Projects

The main features of a commissioned research project is that:

  • UiO will undertake research for a commissioning party that has defined clear deliverables from UiO.
  • The commissioning party retains the right to amend the project, lodge complaints and cancel the contract.

Go to contract template for commision research projects

Other contracts

  • Letter of intent
  • Framework agreement
  • Confidentiality agreement
  • Material Transfer Agreement, MTA
  • Donations


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