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How to use Forskpro?

How to register your project and more information about the system.

Which projects are to be registrered?

  • All medical and health research projects carried out at UiO
  • Other research projects if your unit at UiO is using Forskpro
  • Projects processing personal data must be submitted to NSD and after being assessed by NSD they will be automatically imported to Forskpro. The exception is the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Dentistry and Department of Pharmacy, where projects always have to be registered in Forskpro first.

Who can use Forskpro?

The principal investigator (project manager) is responsible for registering the project in Forskpro. To register a project in Forskpro, you need to log in with your UiO username/user account.

Units at UiO have different procedures for using the system. If you have questions about Forskpro, please contact the Forskpro faculty contact..

How to register and edit a project?

To register a project is easy. Go to Forskpro. If you are not logged in already, please log in with your UiO user name and password. You can then click “registrer nytt prosjekt” and fill out the required fields.

The form is available in English, select language in the top right corner.

Screenshot showing language selector in top right corner

To edit an already registered project, please find your project in the overview, hold the cursor over, and click “rediger”.

Projects that are assesed by NSD (Norwegian Centre for Research Data) will automatically be published in Forskpro. You will receive an email when this happens if your name is filled in to the "Project leader"-field in NSD.

For more detailed user guides, see "Frequently asked questions".

If you need support, please contact the Research administration at your unit. If you're not sure who that is, inquire with the Forskpro faculty contact.

Start using Forskpro at your unit

For units not already using Forskpro, please contact

Roles and responsibilities

You will find an overview of the different roles and tasks in Forskpro here.

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