EU research support at UiO

EU Research Support at UiO is provided by UiO's EU-Office and advisers at the faculties and departments, who work in close collaboration to offer professional research support on Horizon 2020.

UiO's EU-Office

The office provides professional guidance and counselling to the University Management, specialists and researchers throughout the entire EU project phases: special emphasis on information, application procedures and contract negotiations. Responsibility for daily operations of the EU projects lies with the faculties and institutes, but the UiO's EU-Office also provides guidance and support in this process.


All types of inquiries regarding EU research funding should be directed to the UiO's EU-Office common e-mail:

EU Framework Programme

Mette Topnes, Senior Adviser

Lars Øen, Senior Adviser

Torunn Hancke, Senior Adviser

Ann Kristin Sørli Halvorsen, Senior Adviser

Legal matters, EU funded projects

Emil Hamre, Senior legal adviser

Faculty of Humanities

Magnus Garder Evensen, Faculty Administration

Phone: +47 22844411, e-mail:

Rasmus G. Andresen, Faculty Administration

Phone: +47 22858313, e-mail:

Erlend Haavardsholm, Department of Archaeology, Conservation and History.

Phone: +47 22856913, e-mail:

Zhanna Saidenova, Department of Philosophy, Classics, History of Art and Ideas.

Phone: +47 22857890, e-mail:

Olga Djordjilovic, Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages.

Phone: +47 22854326, e-mail:

Fredrik Eugen Christiansen, Department of Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies.

Phone: +47 22854248, e-mail:

Kirsti Sellevold, Department of Literature, Area Studies and European Languages.

Phone: +47 22845693, e-mail:

Elisabeth Quarré Eggen, Department of Media and Communication.

Phone: +47 22850409, e-mail:

Ingrid Bugge Stange, Department of Musicology.

Phone: +47 22858194, e-mail:

Faculty of Law

Randi Rørlien, Faculty Administration

Phone: +47 22851980, e-mail:

Jenny Graver, Faculty Administration

Phone: +47-22842051, e-mail:

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Ingse M W Noremsaune, Faculty Administration

Phone: +47 22855329, e-mail:

Hilde Hvistendahl, Faculty Administration.

Phone: +47 22855648, e-mail:

Jørgen Kirksæther, Faculty Administration.

Phone: +47 22855618, e-mail:

Olja Toljagic, Faculty Administration

Phone: 22855649, e-mail:

Geir Horn, Faculty Administration.

Phone: +47 22840954, e-mail:

Gry Gundersen, Department of Biosciences.

Phone: +47 22857289, e-mail:

Kari Beate Rygg,  Department of Biosciences.

Phone: +47 22858373, e-mail:

Asbjørg Dyveke Johnsen, Department of Informatics.

Phone: +47 22840560, e-mail:

Magdalena Edvardsen, Department of Physics.

Phone: +47 22856418, e-mail:

Elisabeth Havsberg Seland, Department of Mathematics.

Phone: +47 22857221, e-mail:

Faculty of Medicine

Ingrid Sogner, Faculty Administration.

Phone: +47 22854465, e-mail:

Kari Schjølberg-Henriksen, Faculty Administration

Phone: +47 22859214, e-mail:

Malin Johansen, Faculty Administration.

Phone: +47 22845808, e-mail:

Erlendur Helgason, Faculty Administration.

Phone: +47 22845315, e-mail:

Marta Lorens-Thommesen, Faculty Administration.

Phone: +47 22845830, e-mail:

Hilde Henriksen, Faculty Administration.

Phone: +47 22845072, e-mail:

Vibeke Christie, Institute of Health and Society.

Phone: +47 22850643, e-mail:

Kaja Kvaale, Institute of Health and Society.

Phone: +47 23075324, e-mail:

Sissel Aastorp, Institute of Health and Society.

Phone: +47 22844633, e-mail:

Robert Brown, Institute of Clinical Medicine

Phone: +47 22859239, e-mail:

Faculty of Dentistry

Natalia Andronova, Faculty Administration

Phone: +47 22845337, e-mail:

Krisztina Ligeti, Clinical Oral Research Laboratory

Phone: +47 22852144, e-mail:

Faculty of Social Sciences

Johannes Elgvin, Faculty Administration.

Phone: +47 22841170, e-mail:

Konstantinos Chilidis, Faculty Administration.

Phone: +47 22858534, e-mail:

Stine Bjørløw Dalsøren, Department of Psychology.

Phone: +47 22845927, e-mail:

Aina Alvsvåg, Department of Psychology.

Phone: +47 22840358, e-mail:

Tormod Eide, Department of Psychology.

Phone: +47 22845113, e-mail:

Stian Andreassen, Department of Psychology.

Phone: +47 22845159, e-mail:

Dagfinn Hagen, Department of Political Science

Phone: +47 22850461  e-mail:

Lene Os Johannessen, Department of Social Anthropology.

Phone: +47 22841907, e-mail:

Stina Petersen, Department of Sociology and Human Geography.

Phone: +47 22854032, e-mail:

Mari Gakkestad, Department of Economics

Phone: +47 22859468, e-mail:

Geir Ove Kværk, ARENA Centre for European Studies.

Phone: +47 22858860, e-mail:

Katinka Elisabeth Grønli, UiO: Energy.

Phone: +47 22857473, e-mail:

Faculty of Theology

Ingunn Maria Gjørva. Faculty Administration.

Phone: +47 22850347, e-mail:

Faculty of Educational Sciences

Solveig Bauge Løland. Faculty Administration.

Phone: +47 22858056, e-mail:

Hanna Karv, Faculty Administration

Phone: +47 22850413, e-mail:

Kari-Anne Ulfsnes. Department of Education.

Phone: +47 22840735, e-mail:

Toril Eggen. Department of Teacher Education and School Research.

Phone: +47 22855301, e-mail:

Marika Vartun, Department of Special Needs Education

Phone: + 47-22855019, e-mail:

Museum of Cultural History

Tone Wang, Section for Exhibition and Research Administration

Phone: +47 22851915, e-mail:

Natural History Museum

Jan T. Lifjeld, Department of Research and Collections.

Phone: +47 22851726, e-mail:

Ellen Margrethe Vigmostad, Administration NHM

Phone: +47 22851667, e-mail

Centre for Gender Research

Liv Sæther Office manager

Phone: +47-22858935, e-mail

Centre for Development and the Environment

Charlotte Kildal

Phone: +47 22858820, e-mail: 

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