Research Infrastructures (including e-infrastructures)

The Research Infrastructures (RIs) programme provides support to European research infrastructures, fostering their innovation potential and human resources, and reinforcing European research infrastructure policy.

Research Infrastructures are facilities, resources and services that are used to conduct research and foster innovation in their fields. RIs may also be used beyond research, such as for education or public services purposes.

They include any infrastructure of a unique nature essential to achieve excellence in research and innovation – major scientific equipment, and/or sets of instruments; knowledge-based resources such as collections, archives or scientific data; e-infrastructures, such as data and computing systems and communication networks.

RIs may also be ‘single-sited’ (a single resource at a single location), ‘distributed’ (a network of distributed resources), or ‘virtual’ (the service is provided electronically). These key infrastructures are also influential in attracting the best researchers from around the world and in building bridges between national and research communities and scientific disciplines.

Developing new world-class infrastructures:

  • Design Studies;
  • Preparatory Phase of ESFRI projects;
  • Individual implementation and operation of prioritized ESFRI projects;
  • Implementation of cross-cutting infrastructure services and solutions for clusters of ESFRI and other world class research infrastructures

Integrating and opening existing national and regional research infrastructures of pan-European interest:

  • Integrating activities in different disciplinary domains listed in the Work Programme;
  • 'Starting Communities'
  • 'Advanced Communities'


  • Big data;
  • Open access;
  • High Performance Computing (HPC);
  • Virtual Research Environments (VRE)

Support to Innovation, Human resources, Policy and International Co-operation:

  • Fostering the innovation potential;
  • Developing the human resources of research infrastructures;
  • Reinforcing European research infrastructure policy and international co-operation

You can learn more about funding opportunities in each area from UKRO Factsheets.

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