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Research funds

Academic staff  have access to funds which are granted in connection with their research. Staff in adjunct positions should receive research funding from their main employer.


The purpose of the research funding is to encourage participation in national and international research networks, dissemination of research results and competence building in the research areas prioritized by the Department.

Annual sum

The annual round sum covers the cost of books, shorter travels, meetings, copy editing and other activities in connection with staff research. Computer equipment and software is not covered by the allocation.

  • Annual allocation of 5 000 NOK
  • Supervisors are allocated an additional 10 000 NOK for each candidate to have completed their PhD during the previous calendar year

Research funding

Purpose Allocation process

Conference with paper

Copy editing

Rolling funding allocation

Read more and ask for an approval

Additional research funds

The department has an annual budget allocation of 200 000 NOK for additional research funds.

Application deadlines are: 15th February, 15th May, 15th September and 15th November

Read more and apply

"Småforsk" funds

The Faculty of Humanities gives the Department an annual allocation based on the three previous year's research production. These funds are allocated to productive researchers. The funds are intended to stimulate and strengthen long-term research development.

Further development of ERC- and RCN-applications that are not successful


In order to stimulate more applications for ERC and RCN funded projects, staff members that submit applications which receive good grads, but are not funded, can apply for funds for further development of the project

  • Up to 30 000 NOK for projects that receive grades 6 or 7 (RCN) or C (EU)
  • Up to 50 000 NOK for projects that receive grad A or B(EU)

A detailed plan for the use of funds must be prepared and sent the Head of Administration before funds are allocated

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