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Refreshments and hospitality

Section 10.11.1 of The Personnel Handbook for State Employees regulates the rates applicable for refreshments at meetings, workshops, seminars, etc. The provisions contained in the Personnel Handbook are stipulated by the Government.


Refreshments constitute food served at (during)

  • internal meetings, on courses and at seminars, etc., and is primarily intended for the Department's own employees
  • events attended by external parties ­

For both categories the rates are determined by

  • the length of the event
  • whether or not the event occurs during lunchtime and/or outside working hours
  • whether or not the food is consumed on UiO premises

Internal meetings should not normally include refreshments, but this may be served at meetings

  • that last for a long time
  • that run during lunchtime
  • that exceed normal working hours
  • at which guests are present


Hospitality rates cover costs related to hosting important departmental contacts and can be used for:

  • guests' lunches, meals or formal dinners
  • formal events organised for special occasions

Thesis defences are considered special, formal occasions. Hospitality rates must be approved in advance by the Head of Department. Hospitality rates are applicable when the following are present:

  • Head of Department/their deputy/representative from leadership (the host(s))
  • the guest(s)
  • initiator of the visit in question
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