New research initiatives and project proposals at ARENA

Any researchers wanting to discuss new project ideas or explore funding opportunities are encouraged to contact center director Erik O. Eriksen or research advisor Geir Kværk as early as possible.

Externally funded research projects constitute ARENA’s financial basis. While new initiatives for research funding by ARENA staff are both welcome and necessary, all research proposals must be approved by the ARENA management well in advance of any upcoming call deadlines.

Please make sure to notify ARENA’s director or research advisor of any planned proposal at least four weeks prior to the relevant deadline. Note that this is a minimum requirement, and that large/complex proposals should be discussed as early as possible, and in any case prior to any commitment on behalf of ARENA or ARENA’s staff.

The early notice is required to ensure that:

  • all research proposals are based in – or relevant to – one or more of ARENA’s core research areas;
  • research efforts, institutional capacity and administrative support are discussed properly at an early stage;
  • development of any consortium, or commitments to/from potential collaborators and partners outside ARENA are discussed at an early stage;
  • research group leaders and other internal and external colleagues are involved as necessary with a view to heighten the quality of proposals;
  • the administration is properly involved in developing proposals, assisting in all administrative aspects of projects;
  • the applicant(s) and the research advisor draw up a plan and schedule for dealing with the above issues.

In light of the above criteria, the ARENA leadership reserves the right to turn down initiatives for new projects, alternatively to require modifications or change of plans.

For any questions, please contact research advisor Geir Kværk.

Published Nov. 10, 2015 12:43 PM - Last modified Oct. 26, 2018 1:21 PM