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Data Management Plan

A data management plan is a document that describes how to handle research data from start to finish. As an UiO employee, you should create a data management plan for your research data (cf. Guidelines). Funding agencies such as The Research Council of Norway and the European Union require that a data management plan be submitted within 6 months from receipt of support.

A data management plan is a living document which can be revised and updated as research progresses.

What is a data management plan?

A data management plan:

  • is a document that describes how the data is to be managed both during the research project and after it has been completed                                                                   
  • makes it possible to identify at an early stage significant problems to be resolved (such as obtaining consent or taking consideration to copyright)
  • identify ahead of time any additional costs or resources needed to manage the data (such as additional storage capacity, etc.)
  • helps to plan the need for data management ahead of time and to monitor data activities throughout the lifetime of the project.

What should a data management plan include?

The contents of a data management plan will vary between fields of study. Usually one will be asked to describe the following:

  • who will be responsible for managing the data during and after the project, and what resources are needed
  • how to ensure that the data is well-organized and sufficiently documented (metadata)
  • the volume and type of data set to be generated/used.
  • how to ensure that the data is compatible with ethical and legal requirements
  • where the data is to be stored and backed up during the lifetime of the project   
  • how to save and make the data accessible to others in the long term


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Funding Agencies’ Requirements:

The Research Council of Norway

For all projects that receive funding from the Norwegian Research Council, the institution that is responsible for the project should assess the need for – and the quality of – a potential data management plan.

  • If the project owner decides that a data management plan is necessary, it should develop such a plan in line with the institution's own guidelines. This plan should be submitted in connection with the revision of the application.
  • In connection with final reporting, the Norwegian Research Council will ask for the final version of the plan. This means that changes to the plan should not be reported as the project progresses.
  • If the project owner decides that a data management plan should not be prepared, you must give us a justification for this when you submit a revised application.
  • Whenever possible, data management plans should be available to the public and be openly published by the research institution so that the academic environment may be able to follow the practice of its colleagues.

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EU, H2020:

Projects funded by H2020 are required to develop a data management plan within 6 months of received funding. In the plan you will be asked to specify:

  • what data will be open
  • what data the project will generate/use
  • how the data will be utilised or made available for verification and reuse 
  • how it is organised and stored.                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Costs related to open access to research data, including the creation of the data management plan, can be argued to be qualified costs for any H2020 project.

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All ERC projects funded in the framework programme from 2017 and that later participate as standard in the Horizon 2020 Open Research Data (ORD) pilot, but with the possibility to choose not to participate. For projects funded before 2017, it is optional to participate in the pilot.

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Technical Templates Data Management Plan:

UiO does not require a data management plan to use a specific template. A data management plan should first and foremost be a tool for each project and project participant and must have a content and form that is useful as a tool in each case. There are technical templates to use. In each case, consider whether such a template is useful for the project or whether you just want to use such a template to check out what is relevant to include in a plan you set up yourself.



The Digital Curation Center has created a website with various suggestions for creating a DMP


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