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To everyone applying for external funding at the Department of Mathematics

These procedures applies for all applications related to external research funding at the Department of Mathematics regardless of which funding agency you are applying to: RCN, EU or other funding agencies.

Four important things to remember for all potential applicants

1. Clarification with your section leader

A rought draft of the application must be presented to the section leader: Need for resouces, main goal for the project etc.

2. Budgeting

All projects needs a thorough budget. Contact the department research adviser who will help you with this.

3. Approval from the Department Head

All applications including the budget must be approved by the Head of Department before the application is submitted. If there is a need for clarification related to the Department's own contribution etc, the project leader needs to contact the Department (via the research adviser or directly to the Head of Department) well ahead of the deadline. If needed, we schedule meetings between the project leader and Head of Department to clarify these matters.

The Department aims at getting in touch with all applicants at an early stage in the application process, so that we can work together to create the best possible application to secure the highest possible successrate for the outcome.

Please note that the Head of Department may withdraw applications that have been submitted in without an approval.

4. Research infrastructure

For applications where the use of research infrastructure is needed (both local infrastructure and getting access to infrastructure at other units), please contact the department research adviser who know what prizes to use and how to budget these things. 

Deadlines for all applications

  • three weeks before the submission deadline  - Deadline for contacting the Department and starting work on the budget
  • one week before the submission deadline - deadline for submitting the application for administrative approval from the Department. This means that the budget including own financing needs to be finalised.
  • two days before the submission deadline - deadline for the Head of Department to make the administrative approval. 


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