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About the HR portal and SAPUiO

UiO uses the SAP platform as a system for payroll and personnel management. The system is largely run by a standard solution from the German software company SAP, but some modifications have been made. This customised solution is named SAPUiO and is owned by the Department of Administrative Support (ADS). The HR portal is SAP's self-service solution for employees in various roles.

Application areas

The system is mainly used for:

  • Human resources management
  • Payroll processing
  • Travel and reimbursement settlement
  • Sick pay handling
  • Internal and external reporting

Authoritative data source

Core personnel data from SAP is authoritative at UiO and is exported to several other systems, such as Cristin and online person presentations.

HR portal

The HR portal is a self-service solution in SAP for:

  • employees who can view their own data in the SAP system and register certain personal data, working hours, absence applications and reimbursement requirements, see user guides
  • managers who can manage their employees, produce reports and process approval tasks, see user guides
  • attestants who can certify travel and expense reimbursement claims, see user guides
  • assistants who can perform tasks on behalf of managers and employees, see user guides
  • case managers of e-vouchers who can create and follow up contracts with hourly paid employees and contractors electronically, see user guides (Norwegian)


In some cases, people who are not paid by or a student at UiO need access to parts of UiO's infrastructure. Such people are given a guest role in SAPUiO which is then exported further to the other systems. See routine for registering guests in SAP.

Remember privacy protection!

Everyone who has a role in the payroll and staffing system and financial systems must have a conscious relationship with how they process information that deals with the privacy of others. Therefore, there have been drawn up guidelines for the processing of personal data from the payroll and personnel system and the financial systems.

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