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Registration as guest in SAPUiO

Sometimes persons who are not on the payroll of or students at UiO need access to parts of UiO's infrastructure. These persons are registered as guests in the HR and payroll system SAP. From there the information is transferred to the other administrative systems.

Note: Guest roles are not to be assigned to prospective employees at UiO.


The status of a guest user in SAP can only be granted to persons who are not to receive monthly or hourly paid salaries.


  • Applications for a guest role must be made by the contact person at the host unit by completing an onlineapplication form. Note: Applications from the Faculty of Medicine must be sent from a separate webpage (Norwegian).
  • Completing the application form requires access to the following information about the user:
    1. Name
    2. Norwegian ID number; for persons without a Norwegian ID-number the date of birth and the passport number must be provided
    3. Gender
    4. Private address; for persons without long-term residence in Norway the address of the UiO unit the person is affiliated with is to be indicated
    5. Private mobile phone number; registration provides access to UiO's password change service by SMS.
    6. Citzenship
    7. Ending date for affiliation with UiO
      • The maximum period for registration as a guest is 6 years for externally financed PhD candidates, 10 years for emeriti and 2 years for guest researchers, external consultants and partners, and purchasers.
      • Registrations beyond the maximum period must be renewed prior to the expiration of the maximum period by submitting a new application.

Guest roles

  • Emeritus * - retired professor
  • Externally financed PhD candidate * - doctoral students who don't receive their salary from or through UiO
  • Guest researcher * - researchers who need access to offices, IT accounts, library cards, Cristin, etc.
  • External consultant - persons who don't receive a salary directly from UiO, typically substitutes from a temporary staff recruitment agency, consultants, etc.
  • External partner - typically people who are board members or to be registered in Cristin
  • Purchaser - people who are not regular employees, but who need to use the Purchase System (Innkjøpssystemet) and/or other financial systems.

* Note: The roles of emeritusexternally financed PhD candidate and guest researcher do not receive access to the case and archive system ePhorte.

Rules for the use of IT services for persons associated with UiO, but who are not employees or students at UiO

  • Any person, who is not an employee or a student at the UiO or has otherwise obtained access to UiO resources through institutional agreements, can obtain access to UiO resources, e.g. the IT facilities, if this is important to UiO activity. Access will be granted on the basis of UiO’s needs rather than an individual’s needs. The term “important” involves significant professional interpretation, and it is left to the highest professional authority of each unit (department heads at institutes and faculty divisions) to exercise their judgment in this or decide who should do so in each case.
  • Examples of persons who can be affected by these rules are local IT personnel, persons who perform research or research services which are utilized daily by several of UiO’s employees, persons who teach a significant number of classes, for instance as main supervisor for a PhD student at UiO, or a person responsible for a series of courses or lectures.
  • Any person who seeks access to UiO’s resources should apply for this to the head of the appropriate department by using the attached form. The application should describe what services are sought (for example IT services) and for which period of time. The application should include justification for why such access is to be granted, the applicant’s full name, Norwegian national identity number and work address. By signing the application form the applicant consents to UiO processing his or her personal data.
  • The department head's evaluation and conclusion in relation to the above rules shall be kept as documentation at the institute/faculty department. If the application is granted, the institute or faculty division forwards a copy of the application to the Payroll Office and to other agencies involved (e.g. the local IT officer). for registration in the UiO personnel database. UiO may retrieve lists of persons who have been granted access to UiO resources, for example as documentation for licensing.
  • Access to UiO’s IT services as an associated user will be granted for a period of up to one (1) year. Application form and relevant regulations are provided below.
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