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Uploading credit card transactions as travel and expense vouchers in the HR portal

Employees with an UiO credit card may upload expenses credited to the card directly as an electronic travel and expense voucher in the HR portal. This guide shows you how.


  • Select Available Credit Card Receipts.
  • Expenses incurred on the credit card are displayed as a list.
    If they don't, please contact


  • If you desire to view expenses incurred outside the duration of the trip, select All Receipts or Receipts Within Custom Period from the drop down menu (the latter requires setting a date interval).


  • Select an expense post by clicking it.
  • Then select Include in This Expense Report in order to import the expense to your travel and expense report form.


  • Listings with a predetermined expense type may be imported directly into the online form.
  • Listings missing an expense type require specification. Such expenses carry a red symbol in the Status column.
  • Click the post to open it.
  • Select the correct expense type from the drop-down menu in the Expense Type column.
  • Fill in other required fields. Such fields are marked by a red star/asterisk.
  • Select Accept.


  • The expense post is added to the travel and expense form and removed from the list of unprocessed credit card expenses.
  • Complete the registration as normal.

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Published May 8, 2015 3:13 PM