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Pay slips in the HR portal

UiO issues only electronic pay slips to employees. These are accessed through the HR portal.

If you do not have access to the HR portal, you may ask your local personnel officer to receive the pay slips on paper.

The annual income statement is available in the HR portal as of January/February, see separate guide.

  • Pay slips are found under Salary Information in the Employee Self-Service window.
  • Select Payslip to review your pay slips.


  • Your latest pay slip will be displayed.
  • Select Previous statement to display the previous pay slip.


  • Select Overview and Selection to list all previous statements.
  • Select a salary statement from the list for detailed view. Note: The arrow to the left of Salary Statement must point down in order for the pay slips to be visible.
  • Salary information dating back to March, 2006, can be viewed in the HR portal.


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