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Registering sideline jobs in the HR portal

You may register sideline jobs in the HR portal. This user guide shows you step-by-step how to do this. Read more about sideline jobs

How you register sideline jobs

  • Sideline jobs are registered in the section Sideline Jobs and Owner Interests in Employee Services.
  • Select Sideline job.
  • Note! If you have registered sideline jobs in the previous system for sideline jobs and owner interests, you will find the information from these registrations as draft in the following window. These you can revise and submit for approval, or delete them if you consider they are not relevant.

  • Select Registrer new sideline job to start a new registration.

  • In the following window you register information about your new sideline job.
    1. Employer/Client name: Enter the name of the organization, person, etc. the sideline job is performed for. Ensure that the name provided here matches the name as it appears in the Brønnøysund Register ( (Norwegian), National Population Register, or other formal source.
    2. Organisation number: Here you can enter the organization number as it appears in the Brønnøysund Register ( (Norwegian), if the organisation has this.
    3. Business type: Select the appropriate category on the drop-down menu. If none of the listed categories fits, choose Other.
    4. Start date/End date: Enter the time period that corresponds to the agreed or expected duration of the sideline job. Select the date icon in these fields to enter dates from a calendar or enter the dates manually.
    5. Scope: Here you indicate how extensive the sideline job is. Enter the expected percentage of a man-year.
    6. Publication text: Enter a description of the sideline job. If the registration is approved, this text will be displayed in UiO's open-access register of sideline jobs and owner interests.
    7. Work type (for approval): Here you have the opportunity to describe in greater detail the sideline job for the person who is to assess and approve it. This text will not appear in the open-access register but will be saved and available to you and others with access rights in the SAPUiO and HR Portal.
    8. Select Send to approver.

  • The overview window Sideline Job shows all your registrations and the status of their follow-up and publishing.

Sideline jobs to be exempt from publication

If you believe that you have sideline jobs that are relevant for registration, but not to be publicly known, you may request these to be exempt from publication. If requested, registration will not appear in the open-access register but will be stored and available to you and others with access rights in SAPUiO and the HR Portal.

  • Check off the field Publication not wanted [6].
  • In the text box that appears [7], you justify the request. This text will be available to the person who will review your registration.
  • When the registration is complete, select Send to approver [10].

Sideline jobs that use UiO's ressources

If the sideline job you register makes use of resources owned or disposed of by the University of Oslo, you must indicate this.

  • Check off the field University resources used [8].
  • In the text box that appears [9], describe what resources are used.
  • When the registration is complete, select Send to approver [10].

Sideline jobs to be extended or delimited in duration

If you have previously registered sideline jobs where the duration of the activity changes, you can change the duration of the sideline job. The registration will then be submitted for new evaluation and approval.
  • In the overview window, find the sideline job to be changed.
  • Select Details.

  • In the following window, select Change [1].
  • Enter correct duration of the sideline job [2].
  • Select Save draft [3].

The sideline job registration is now stored with you as a draft and must be resubmitted for approval.

  • Select Details once more.
  • Select Send to approver.

Deleting sideline jobs

Drafts and sideline jobs that have not yet been processed by the manager can be deleted by selecting the trash can icon in your overview image. However, processed posts cannot be deleted.

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