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Recording supplements in the HR portal

Employees who receive monthly paid salary and work shift record evening-, night- and other supplements by using wage types in the HR portal.

Which supplements can be recorded?

The following supplements (wage types) can be recorded in the HR portal:

  • * Wage type 2065 Sat/Sun Comp. and overti you shall only use when you are entitled to overtime pay on a Saturday or Sunday and do not register this as attendance type Overtime, i.e. if you work shift and do not have a factual work plan in the HR portal. Then you use wage type 2065 with wage type 2015 Overtime 50% or 2020 Overtime 100%.
  • ** Wage type 2068 Sat/Sun Compensation you shall use when you have scheduled work on a Saturday / Sunday, but without this entitling you to overtime pay. This supplement is pensionable.
  • Have you worked on a general or public holiday? Check how to register work and supplements.

This is how you record supplements in the HR portal

  • These supplements are recorded under Working Time in the Employee Self-Service.
  • Select Register working time.

  • Today's date is displayed automatically in the Date field [1]. If the recording refers to a different date, choose the appropriate date from the calendar.
  • Select the applicable addition from the drop-down menu in the Wage Type column [2].

  • Register the appropriate amount in the Content column and press the Enter key.
  • Now a sheet icon  will appear in the Det. column. Click on the icon if you want to post a comment.
  • Select Check to update the registration and check that there is no error message.
  • When you have completed the registration, press the Save button.

Supplements that are registered and saved are sent to your manager for approval before they forwarded to the Payroll office for payment on the next pay date, see payroll schedule.

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