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Travel and expense reimbursements - FAQ

Also check the regular technical user guides for registration of travel expenses claims and registration of outlay reimbursement claims in the HR portal.

For conditions and routines see travel expenses claim and outlay reimbursements.

What documentation is required with my travel and expense report?

See documentation requirements for reimbursements.

Why is my travel and expense report being taxed?

Subsistence claims may be legible for taxation. The statutory trip type governs the taxability of subsistence claims:

  • Lodgings that provide cooking facilities generate taxation on subsistence claims/per diems reimbursement.
  • Such statutory trip types are types E, H, and K.

How do I change a registered travel or expense reimbursement claim?

You can make changes to previously registered travel or expense reimbursement claims:

  • Select My travel and expense reimbursements in Employee Self Service.
  • Mark the record you want to change.
  • Select Change.

  • From here you can make the desired changes. Then go through the usual steps for registering travel and expense claims and select Submit for approval in the final step.
  • If the claim has been previously attested or authorized, it will be sent for renewed approval once you save the modified document. This will happen regardless of what kind of changes you have made.
  • If you need to exchange a travel form with an expense reimbursement form or visa-versa, i.e. change the form type, you must delete the registration and start the process from scratch.

How do I use the «Multiple Destinations feature»?

  • Enter required information in the General Data frame as normal.
  • If you wish to register multiple foreign destinations within the same journey, select Enter Additional Destinations.


  • Set the departure date and time for the next destination, plus the country and place of destination. [1]
  • You may also set a new statutory trip type for the new destination. [2]
  • Select Accept Entry if this is the final destination of the journey, or Accept and Add Additional Destination if more destinations exist. [3]
    • You must also select Accept and Add Additional Destination and add the return journey if you return to the original travel destination.


  • Enter the correct information for the new destination as described above.
  • Select Accept Entry when the final destination has been added.


  • Select Accept.


  • The extra destinations are now displayed in the Additional Destinations field under General Data. Complete the registration as normal and send the travel and expense report to your attestant with all documentation attached.


Why do not all my claims appear under «My Trips and Expenses»?

  • Some users may experience that the overview under My travel and expense reimbursements is not automatically updated as new claims are sent.
  • Select Refresh in order to update the list if claims are missing from your overview.

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