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Registering holidays in the HR portal - FAQ

This is how you apply for holidays in the HR portal. Below you will find answers to questions that may arise when registering holiday in the HR portal.

I want to register a vacation but cannot identify my leader as the recipient of my application.

  • Your local manager or personnel officer must document the correct organizational affiliation for your position.
  • The contact person then informs the Pay Section of your affiliation.

My vacation registration is denied due to "insufficient quotas".

This error message stems from one of two sources:

  1. Your absence quotas are not correctly registered in the SAP system.
    Check with your closest superior whether the correct quotas have been filed. If this has not been done, ask your superior to inform the Pay Section of the missing quotas.
    Quotas to be held by employees in a full-time position:
  • 25 days of paid holiday
  • 5 additional holiday days from and including 60 years of age
  • 12 senior days from and including 62 years of age
  • Any quotas exceeding the standard amounts must be clarified with your local manager and reported to the Pay Section.
  1. Your vacation quotas have been spent.
    Employees with flexible hours may apply for time off in lieu of pay to compensate for a positive flexitime account.

How do I edit or delete vacation registrations?

  • To edit or delete registered absences, select Working Time in the Employee Self-Service window.


  • Select Change/delete absence.


Editing a registered vacation:

  • Select the pencil icon adjacent to the registration in question under Leave Overview.


  • Adjust the interval for the absence or make other desired changes.
  • Select Check, and then Send for approval. Select OK in the subsequent window.
    • Note that all changes made to already approved vacation absences are sent to your leader for review and approval.


Deletion of registered vacation:

  • Select the trash can icon adjacent to the absence registration you wish to delete.
  • Select Yes in the subsequent window.
    • Note that all changes made to already approved vacation absences are sent to your leader for review and approval.

How do I record that I am on vacation in the HR portal?

Approved vacation is automatically registered in the HR portal. Therefore, when you take your vacation you do not need to record this in the portal.

How do I register vacation whilst on sick leave?

In cases of long-term illness the wish to arrange a vacation during the time of illness may arise. Read more about vacation and illness.

Such cases require a pause in the sick leave. This must be correctly registered both in the HR portal and on the sickness benefits form. As an example, if you have been on sick leave June 1st-30th and plan to take a vacation June 14th-27th, you must do the following:

  1. Registration in the HR portal
    • Enter an absence Sick leave starting June 1st and up to and including June 13th. Enter another sick leave starting June 28th and up to and including June 30th.
    • Enter an absence Paid vacation starting June 14th and up to and including June 27th.
  2. Filing the form for sickness benefits
    • Contact your leader or personnel officer for help filing the correct forms for the long-term sick leave.

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