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Applying for transfer of residual vacation days in the HR portal

In the transition period from one year to the next, employees may apply for a transfer of unused vacation days from the previous year. The possibility of applying for a transfer of holidays usually is available from the last week in December and closes on 28th of February.

  • To apply for a vacation transfer, select Working Time in the Employee Self Service window.


  • Select Vacation transfer.


  • The Vacation Quota Transfer frame is displayed.


  • The Vacation quota information area displays the following:
    • The years that the applications relates to.
    • The vacation quota for the previous year.
      • Days transferred from years prior to the previous year and days from the fifth vacation week for senior employees are not included in the calculation.
      • Transferred vacation days and the fifth vacation week are deducted prior to the regular vacation quota when applying for vacation.
    • The number of vacation days spent in the previous year.
    • The number of days available for transfer to the current year.


  • The Transfer vacation quota area displays the following:
    • The Number of vacation days transfer. The HR portal will always suggest the total number of remaining vacation days. This number may be edited down, but not up.
    • The Reason for vacation transfer field. A reason must be included if the transfer applied for exceeds 14 days.


  • Select Submit when you have filled in the required information. Then select OK to send the application.


  • The application is confirmed and sent to your superior for assessment.
  • Note: It may take several days from an application is approved and until the transferred days are visible in the HR portal.

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