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Recording working hours

Employees with flexible working hours record attendance (time of arrival and departure) in the HR portal. Employees with fixed working hours (no flex) only record time for days involving overtime or absence in the HR portal. Read more about working hours.

  • Working hours are recorded under Working Time in the Employee Self-Service window.
  • Select Register working time.


  • The calendar displays your recorded time data. Days with the expected number of hours worked are marked in green. Days with less work time than planned, are shaded light green. Days with surplus time worked are shaded dark green.


  • The timesheet is found further down the page.
  • The top cell of the Content column displays expected work time for the day in question.
  • Time is displayed in decimal numbers, e.g. 7,75 hours = 7 hours 45 minutes.
  • Regular working hours are recorded as Work time. See how you record other types of attendance.
  • Enter attendance in the Start time and End time columns.
  • Select Save.


  • You can now see a confirmation of the registration.


  • To delete the recorded hours, select the trash can icon followed by Save.


  • The deletion is confirmed.

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