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Guide for technical problems in the HR portal

I am unable to log on to the HR portal

  • Are you visiting the right web address? This should be:
  • Remember to use your UNIX user name and password, i.e. your regular UiO user name and password.
  • Are you using a newer version of Firefox as your web browser? If so, installing the add-on User Agent Switcher might be the solution to your log-on problem. Read the installation guide (pdf).

Mac users

  • Web browsers supported by the HR portal are Internet Explorer (IE) and Mozilla Firefox. Using other browsers (i.e. Safari) may cause unstable behaviour in the portal. If you experience problems using Firefox to access the HR portal, you may log in via a Remote Desktop connection and use Internet Explorer instead.
  • Mac users may experience problems displaying web pages that open in a separate window. If such problems occur you might need to switch off the web browser's pop-up blocker.
  • Mac users may experience problems displaying PDF files while using Firefox. Check whether Adobe Reader is installed on your work station. If the problem prevails, try launching Firefox in 32-bit mode.

I am experiencing problems with the HR portal in Chrome, Safari or another browser

Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox are browsers that are fully supported by the provider. When using the HR portal in other browsers the portal may function poorly. Therefore, we recommend that you use Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox when making entries in the HR portal.

How do I change my account’s default language?

  • Log in to the portal.
  • Press the Alternativer button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and select Persontilpass in the menu.

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  • A new window Persontilpasning – Oversikt opens. Select your preferred language and press the Overfør button.

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  • The window will close automatically and the HR portal will present itself in the selected language.

I am unable to register working hours in the HR-portal

Some users are experiencing performance problems in the HR portal, especially related to the task of recording working hours. Most often, the problem is related to the individual user's web browser settings.

This is how you fix the problem

  • Open your web browser.
  • Select Tools, then Internet Options

  • Select the Advanced tab.
  • Select Reset Internet Explorer settings.
  • Select the option Delete personal settings.
  • Select Reset.

  • Troubleshooting must be performed on your local workstation, plus, if you are using this remote connection service to access Internet Explorer.
  • If you are still experiencing malfunctioning or shortcomings in the HR portal after completing these steps, please contact your local personnel officer.

I am trying to register working hours or a travel expenses claim but am informed that my "User is blocked by [my user name]"

  • You may only have one active registration window open in the HR portal at the time. If you have several registration windows open simultaneously, e.g. registration of working hours and registration of a travel expenses claim, you block yourself from completing the registration. The same problem occurs if you simultaneously are using two different computers or browsers.
  • Try to close all open browser windows in the HR portal except for one. If the problem continues, try to log off the HR portal and then on again. If you still get the same error message, log off the portal and try again after about 20 minutes.

I only see the top part of the windows in the HR portal

  • Are you using Safari as your web browser on a Mac? You can either use the scroll bar that appears on the right hand side of the window if you draw the cursor arrow over it, or change to Firefox as your web browser.

I want to display my payslip, but nothing happens

Your web browser may have an active Pop-up blocker.
Pop-up blockers are by default switched off on the University computer network, but if you are working from an external machine you may need to perform this operation manually.

  • In Internet Explorer, you may allow pop-ups from specific web sites by selecting Tools → Pop-up Blocker → Turn Off Pop-up Blocker in the browser window.

Internet Explorer:


  • If you are using Mozilla Firefox as your web browser, select Tools Options, then Content → Exceptions, enter the url in the Address of website box and select Allow.

Mozilla Firefox:

The portal "hangs"

The 'download wheel' stays on the page, and the site will not download.
This may indicate one of the following:

  • The web browser is not updated to the latest version.
    • Update the web browser by visiting its home page.
    • Alternatively, try again using a different browser.
  • An error in the computer’s configuration.
    • Try logging on via a different computer to eliminate the possibility of configuration error.

I am notified that my user name does not exist in back-end

  • Be sure to use your UNIX user name and password.
    • If the problem prevails, contact your lokal IT officer.

I suspect that someone has unauthorised access to my account

  • Are you a leader? Check if someone has assistant/deputy access to your work tasks in the portal.
    • The guide to assigning deputies (Norwegian) provides information on how you add and remove deputies.
  • Immediately contact with your local IT-contact if you suspect that someone has gained access to your log-in information. Your IT contact will notify the University Centre for Infomation Technology (USIT) about the data protection breach.

I get a "runtime error" or similar error message

  • Take a screenshot (press Alt + Print Screen) when the error message is displayed. Paste the frame into a document or an e-mail (press Ctrl + v). Send the image, your user name and the time of the error by e-mail to your local IT officer, using a header that explains the problem.

Whom do I contact if this page has not solved my problem?

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