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Examinations and grading

Examiners find examinations and grade their candidates in Inspera. In Inspera the examinations are called "Tests".


Login Inspera

You can log in using your UiO-username with FEIDE, using ID-Porten or as a registered user. You will get a system generated e-mail from Inspera Assessment with login details.

a) You have a UiO-username

  • Choose "Login with FEIDE" and choose affiliation "University of Oslo".
  • Enter your UiO-username and password.

b) You do not have a UiO-username

  • Choose "Login with ID-Porten"
  • Select the electronic ID you wish to use


  • Choose "..or with registered user".
  • Enter your Inspera user name and password. The system generated  e-mail from Inspera Assessment will contain both the link to the login page and your username. In the e-mail, you are asked to click a link to create your password.

c) You have forgotten the password for your Inspera user.

  • Choose "...or with registered user" (if you do not know your Inspera username, ask your examination officer).
  • Type your Inspera username and password (click "Forgot your password?" if you do not know your password). 

Grade candidates

Go to the main tab Grade in the horisontal menu on the top. 

You will find your examinations (in Inspera called Tests). Go to the test which should be ready for grading. 

Please contact your examination administrator if the test is not ready for grading.

Depending on the way the test is to be graded you will have one of two options: 

Click Grade your candidates or Open final grading to get a list of alle the candidates you are grading.

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If you are a member of more than one committee, it will look a little different. You can choose  to open one or all committees.


You will now see the list of candidates to grade. Click on a row with a candidate and you can see the submission and grade the candidate.

Explanation of the fields:

  1. Download submission in PDF
  2. Grade the submission
  3. Grade any sub-responses
  4. Click to see any sub assignments
  5. Explanation - not currently in use at UiO
  6. Private notes - noone sees what you write here

Is the whole submission blank or won't open?

If the candidate's exam submission is empty or cannot be opened, you must contact the examination administrator to check if there is something wrong with it..

Downloading and printing submissions

It's not possible to print several submissions directly from Inspera. If you wish to print submissions you have to download them as pdf's first, and then print them.

Click "Grade your candidates".

Choose "Download" in the upper right corner, and press "All sumissions as PDF".

Under "settings" are the options for what is to be included in the pdf's.

Once the options are taken, press either:

"Merge PDFs and download" to download a single file with all the submissions (recommended for printing).

or "Download submissions as separate files" to download a zip with all the submisions as single files.

When you have chosen your download , Inspera starts the export. If there are many submissions this might take a while. 

Once the export is done you can press "Download now".

You can then open and print the submissions.

If you wish to print everything, the easiest option is to merge a single pdf.

If you are to print a selection og submissions, choose the files to print from the zip.

It is also possible to dowmload and print submissions from "Monitor".

Press "Monitor", choose teh submissions you wish to print and press "Download and print".

More than one examiner - shared marks

See Insperas guide to shared marks here.

Sign grading protocol

When you (and any additional examiner) have completed and confirmed your grading, print the grading protocol, sign it and send it to the examination administrator.

How-to-guide: Download grading protocol


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