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Merit scheme for educational competence at the University of Oslo

Have you over a longer period been involved in improving the quality of education where you work? Do you focus on student learning? Then we encourage you to apply to become a “merited teacher” at UiO.

About the UiO merit scheme

In the autumn of 2018, the rector received a report with recommendations for a merit system for educational competence at UiO. The report recommended building the foundation for a long-term investment in the merit of educational competence by increasing the recognition of teaching qualifications in ordinary merit processes such as recruitment and appointments, promotions, staff evaluations and salary negotiations.

In addition, the report recommended trying out an application-based supplementary scheme for the merit of educational competence. The rector was authorised by the university board in December 2018 to determine the specific design of such an application-based scheme. According to the board, it is essential that an application-based scheme works in conjunction with the changes that are made to strengthen the merit of educational qualifications during the ordinary processes.

UiO's internal guidelines for documenting and evaluating educational competence was therefore revised in 2019. The revised rules and guidelines were adopted by the University Board on December 3rd 2019.

It is now possible to apply for status as a “merited teacher” at UiO. The application deadline is 15 May, 2020.

Who can apply?

Permanent scientific staff (including lecturers and senior lecturers) with a main position at UiO can apply.

Award criteria

The applicant must document educational competence at a level that is significantly higher than the expected basic competence for the applicant’s current position. The applicant must describe, analyse, discuss and document systematic work with educational quality in their own teaching practice within four criteria areas derived from the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). These criteria form the basis for several other Norwegian and Nordic merit schemes. Read more on UHR's website (Norwegian).

  1. Focus on student learning
    Teaching plans are adapted to the students' characteristics, their need for feedback, and there is a clear link between learning objectives and forms of assessment. Student feedback is used systematically to develop the teaching.
  2. Clear development over time
    The applicant has developed a solid competence in teaching and student learning, has taken responsibility for educational quality, and has worked systematically to develop teaching and educational quality.
  3. A scholarly approach
    Research on teaching, learning and assessment has informed the design and implementation of measures to enhance the quality of teaching. Scientific approaches are used to collect, document and analyse teaching and / or student learning.
  4. A collegial attitude and practice
    The applicant has collaborated with colleagues, students, management and others on educational development / enhancement of educational quality, and has taken the initiative to share experiences and knowledge development within and across academic environments.

Documentation of the development of digital competence, such as active use of IT competence in teaching and / or innovative use of digital learning environments and learning resources will strengthen the application.

Documentation and application

The application should contain a maximum of 4000 words (the teaching portfolio and any attachments come in addition to this)

All criteria must be met (see above) and the documentation must be in the form of a teaching portfolio. The application should primarily focus on activities carried out over the past five years.

  • The application for status as a “merited teacher” should describe what the applicant has done by way of systematic teaching and development work in a relevant study programme and in accordance with the department’s strategy, what results this has produced and any plans for further work. The application should also include reflections on the applicant’s own development and learning as a teacher during this work.
  • A teaching portfolio should be attached containing the following elements:
    • A CV focusing on your educational competence
    • Documentation of the educational projects and initiatives described
    • Personal reflections on your role as a teacher, as well as discussion and justification for your choices in the planning, implementation and development of teaching and supervision
  • The head of department should present a plan for how the department will utilize the applicant’s expertise and how the academic environment will facilitate this.
  • In addition, attachments documenting other activities and results described in the application should be included

There will be information meetings/seminars about the merit system on Monday 24 February (in Norwegian) and Thursday 12 March (in English if needed)

The individual employee submits his / her application via his / her head of department / centre manager / dean / personnel manager. The head of department / center manager / dean / personnel manager writes a short statement (including a recommendation of the application if this is relevant), and uploads the application to case number 2018/1189 in ePhorte (the electronic records management and archive system at UiO).


Employees awarded with the status "merited teacher" will:

  • obtain the status temporarily for a period of 3 years
  • receive a permanent salary raise. The size and form of this will be decided through ordinary wage negotiations.
  • be assigned educational leave

Employees awarded with the status "merited teacher" is committed to being a resource person for the quality development of education in their own academic environment / faculty and at UiO, and to be part of a network of merited teachers during their 3-year merit period.

The academic environment of employees awarded the status of "merited teacher" receives a lump-sum payment of NOK 30,000.

The scheme is independent of other systems for career promotion.

Assessment of applications

The applications will be assessed by an evaluation committee appointed by the Education Committee.

After the application deadline, the evaluation committee will assess the need to appoint professionals who can assist in the evaluation of the applications. Applicants can be invited to an interview to elaborate on the application or elements of the application.

The evaluation committee's recommendation will be presented to the University Board, which makes the final decision.

All applicants should receive feedback on their application regardless of the outcome.

Evaluation committee

Aud V. Tønnessen

Professor and Dean, Faculty of Theology, UiO (Head of the committee)

Malcolm Langford

Professor an Director of Centre for Experiential Legal Learning (CELL), UiO

Bjørn Stensaker

Professor and Head of Center for Learning, Innovation and Academic Development (LINK), UiO

Ellen Munthe Kaas

Head of Department, Department for Informatics, UiO

Kersti Börjars

Master, St Catherine’s College, University of Oxford

Johannes Saastad

Student, UiO

Kirsti Margrethe Mortensen, Adviser, Educational Quality Office is secretary for the Committee. 

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