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Joining forces for collaborations in world-leading education and research

To foster intensive and cutting-edge collaborations in education and research, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), The University of Copenhagen (UC), and The University of Oslo (UiO) recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the establishment of the Hong Kong-Nordic Research Network.

Photo: Ruben Gudmundsrud

Professor and UiO rector Svein Stølen, with Professor and CUHK Pro-Vice-Chancellor Wai-Yee Chan. Photo: Ruben Gudmundsrud

Hong Kong-Nordic research collaboration

On 27 June 2019 the MOU between CUHK and UiO was signed by Wai-Yee Chan (Pro-Vice-Chancellor of CUHK) and professor Svein Stølen (Rector of UiO) at Blindern Campus.

 Professor Wai-Yee Chan says:

"In the past 55 years, CUHK has established its unique role in linking East to the West and brings West to meet Hong Kong and Great China. As a world-leading research-oriented University, CUHK is aiming at doing cutting-edge research and training highly competitive students. Through this debut visit to the Nordic countries, I envision intensive and fruitful collaborations on education and research among our three founding universities."

Dean Ulla Wever from the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at CU says,

"We look forward to collaborating with one of the most internationalized universities in the world, as well as on of the most prestigious universities in Asia. Like the University of Copenhagen and the University of Oslo, they are recognized for their unique ability to bridge education and research, so I am confident that we can achieve great accomplishments in the Hong Kong-Nordic Research Network".

UiO's Rector Svein Stølen concludes:

"The meetings and fruitful discussions illustrated the strength of existing links between our institutions. The signing of the MoU is a great promise for future cooperation within research and education."


Exchange opportunities

The Hong Kong-Nordic Research Network aims to be a driving force for the interchange of ideas between the universities, and help promote world leading research. This can be achieved by putting people in touch with each other to set up research collaborations, which will also be boosted by the great exchange opportunities offered by the universities. Both students and researchers will be given this opportunity. This will be a good way for scientists and students to expand their horizon and knowledge, and of course to meet with other peers. The network hopes to foster groundbreaking research by establishing joint research collaborations. Visit website:


In addition to exchange collaboration, a serious of activities will be activated. This includes a proposal of annual meeting in each of the founding universities. UiO researcher Dr. Evandro F. Fang, the Nordic coordinator of the Hong Kong-Nordic Research Network,  will help organize an international anti-ageing conference at the Nordic Centre, Fudan University in China in the summer of 2020, along with the proposed 1st  network meeting to be held at CUHK in connection with the conference.

Collaboration across various academic fields

In addition to establishing the Hong Kong-Nordic Research Network within Biomedical Research, the visit of VP Prof. W.Y.Chan revealed that there is a broad interest for a closer collaboration with CUHK among various faculties at UiO, many of whom already have established research links with CUHK. Topics discussed were student exchanges, faculty collaborations, and joint grant applications.

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A group photo of the Mou signing ceremony at the Univeristy of Oslo (UiO). From left: Dr. and Researcher Evandro Fei Fang (UiO), Professor Albert H. H. Cheung (CUHK), Professor and Vice-rector Per Morten Sandset (UiO), Professor and Rector Svein Stølen (UiO), Professor and Pro-Vice-Chancellor Wai-Yee Chan (CUHK), and Postdoc Fellow Sofie Lautrup (MED/UiO). Photo: Ruben Gudmundsrud


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