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Do you have a private website on

14.04.2020: This text is updated with new deadlines.

Since the mid-nineties it has been possible for all UiO students and staff to have their own private websites on the web server On 1 September, it's over. As a content owner, you must do your own moving job!

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–This was a service USIT and UiO offered because we could, and because all the many solutions we have today for content sharing did not exist at that time, says Ståle Askerød Johansen, Senior engineer at the IT director's staff at USIT.

Since the mid-nineties, we have been through a digital revolution, with the development of social media and various file sharing services.

However, has played its part.

–The solution is outdated. On 1 September this year, we are shutting the service down, Johansen states.

Old solution with technical challenges

The reason for this decision is, among other things, that USIT wants to remove services that use file-sharing in the way does.

There are also challenges associated with the handling of cookies, also known as information capsules, related to the folk server.

Thousands of pages and no editors

According to USIT, there may be thousands of potential owners of website/directories on It is natural to assume that most of these are no longer in use.

At the same time, no one has the practical responsibility to ensure that information contained therein is accurate and in line with privacy and GDPR law. Webmasters do not have tasks related to the operation of this content. Neither does local IT.

There are several cases where the wrong type of information and personal information has been published here. This is also one of the reasons why should now be shut down.

Will all the content disappear right away?

Before you scratch your head and wonder if all of your content is going down the drain by summer, Johansen can reassure you:

– Nothing will be gone. The files will remain in your home area. We just turn off publishing. The folk pages will no longer display the content.

At the same time, a temporary server will be set up where the content can stay pending finding more permanent placements. This temporary server will not be indexed by Google. This means that your content will no longer be searchable through Google.

You have to do the moving job yourself

The temporary server will be set up on 1 May. The new address will be

Thus, between 1 May and 1 September, both this server and will be up and running so that it is possible to move the content to be preserved.

The moving job you must do yourself.

A description of the procedure for moving the content will be prepared and published 1May on the folk-project webpage (Norwegian).

Local IT can also provide guidance.

Content that has not been transferred to the new temporary solution will cease to be published on 1 September.

What content can be moved to the temporary server?

The temporary server is created only to serve as storage space while the content owners find other solutions for the content. UiO will no longer offer a service for sharing content of a private nature.

For lecturers who have teaching resources lying around, Local IT can assist in moving this to suitable locations - for example, to subject folders (emnemapper).

If you have other types of content that you believe should be published on the UIO's official website, contact your local web editor (Norwegian) or check our contact points for different types of content.

The advantage of having content on UiO's website is that it is then easier to ask local web editors and local IT for assistance in updating the content. There are link reports and other tools that help keep content up to date and accurate.

See our recommended placements for different types of content.

Your personal profile page is not affected!

A personal website at is not the same as your personal profile page, i.e. the web page at that serves as your electronic CV and presents contact info, past experiences, work areas, and any publications. Your personal profile page remains, but should not be a place for personal and private information.

See guidelines for editing your personal profile page at UiO.

What happens now?

Here are the key dates for what happens when:

  • On 1 May an alternative server for temporary content storage is made available.
  • Users must move the content there themselves. This content will not be indexed by Google and will therefore not be searchable.
  • On 1 September will cease to be published.
  • 1 January, 2021, also the temporary server will be shut down. Content stored here must have found other, more suitable placements.

Unsure how different types of content should be stored at UiO?

See UiO's data storage guide.

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