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Publication lists from Cristin on UiOs websites

Can you help us check if your Cristin publication list at UiO’s webpages is correct?

We are currently improving publication lists from Cristin at The first part of this process is changing the way we fetch data from Cristin. This will provide more flexibility in terms of improved functionality of publication lists at UiO’s websites in the future.

We need your help

To make sure we collect and present data correctly, we need your help if you either own or administer a publication list at Examples of publication lists would be your employee page, your unit or your research project page.

The way publications appear in a publication list may also have changed due to the new solution. There are two known changes:

  • As a new standard, each publication will appear with a maximum of six authors per reference. If a reference has more than six authors, you may click the link named «Show all X authors» to view the remaining authors. The way references are sorted may also appear differently.
  • The publications may be categorized differently compared to today’s lists. As a result of this, publications may appear in different tabs from where they have previously appeared. Read more about categories and how they are set up.

We really appreciate your help, and we hope as many as possible will have the opportunity to test our new solution. Testing will be possible until the end of September. Upon fixing reported faults, the new solution for publication lists will be implemented on a permanent basis.

How to provide feedback

You will find a link that can be used to test the new solution on all publication lists at In the same publication lists, you will find a link to a web form where feedback can be provided, and where errors can be reported. If you have any questions you may contact the Web editor at UiO or the web group at USIT.

screenshot, beta-test, link
In the yellow banner placed on each separate publication list at UiO’s webpages you will find a link that can be used for testing. Photo: the University of Oslo


Published Aug. 24, 2021 8:59 AM - Last modified Aug. 26, 2021 1:03 PM