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Do you have lab technical expertise?

The testing capacity for coronavirus in the laboratories in South-East Health Authority must be strengthened. You can help by reporting your interest in the web form.

There is a need for increased staffing in all parts of the diagnostic services in the specialist health service due to coronavirus outbreaks. The microbiological laboratories receive a large number of samples.

There may be necessary to get hold on personnel quickly

The situation is changing rapidly, and personnel may need to be called in to maintain or increase capacity. Against this background, the South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority has asked for an overview of possible / available personnel who have a major position at the University of Oslo (UiO) and who have experience in molecular biology and handling of biological material for microbiological analyzes. Experience from previous work in a hospital laboratory will be an advantage.

Employees at UiO can be "loaned" to the health authorities

An agreement has been signed between OUS, AHUS and UiO that employees at UiO can be "loaned" to the health authorities to strengthen the staffing of the laboratories for the outbreak of the coronavirus is over.

This is how your personal information is processed

The personal information collected in this context is only information about the staff at UiO and expertise in molecular biology as well as the handling of biological material for microbiological analyzes.

The information will be used when a health enterprise in the region contacts the faculty to investigate whether there are employees at UiO who can work at the health enterprise for a limited period of time. An agreement on this must be made in consultation with the nearest leader in the UiO line.

The information collected will be shared with the Health South-East RHF in the form of the number who have registered and with names and qualifications when it is the health authorities in the region who apply to the faculty.

The information will be deleted when extra personnel is no longer needed for the laboratories of the health authorities in the region.

It is optional to register with expertise in diagnostic laboratory activities.

You agree to the registration by filling out the web form and submitting it.

Report your interest here

If you have questions about GDPR, please contact Senior Adviser in Research Support Katrine Ore

If you have other questions, please contact the head of research administration Ingrid Sogner

    Published Mar. 20, 2020 2:03 PM - Last modified Mar. 23, 2020 1:13 PM