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December - News from the Management


MED-nytt 2016: It’s a wrap!

2016 – a year from start to finish. The Faculty Management summarizes the past year in its editorial. Katrine Ore with colleagues are awarded a digitalis purpurea for their efforts to put a quality system for medical and health research into place.

Seven of our researchers were awarded FRIPRO funds and many of our researchers are participating in the first round of the selection of convergence environments in UiO-Life Science. What’s your opinion of Horizon2020? Read about course offerings, elective courses in medical studies, guidelines for registering in Cristin and much more!

We wish our readers a Merry Christmas and extend our thanks for the past year!


Wrapped present and stethoscope.

Editorial: Sorrow and gladness oft journey together

The Faculty Management takes the pulse of this year's results in studies, research and management in 2016. Next year will bring some financial challenges, but we are well-prepared for what is to come.

Read more: Sorrow and gladness oft journey together.

Portrait of Katrine Ore.Digitalis purpurea to Katrine Ore

The Faculty Management awards a digitalis purpurea to Senior Adviser Katrine Ore and her colleagues in the departments for putting in place a new and better quality system for medical and health research.

Read more: Digitalis purpurea for work on new quality system (In Norwegian)

Seven researchers receive support for FRIPRO projects

Christmas is approaching, and the time has come for the Research Council of Norway to announce grant allocations within the FRIPRO scheme. This year, seven researchers at the Faculty have been granted funding. Our congratulations!

Read more about the FRIPRO grant

Portrait of Finn-Eirik Johansen.Life Science: Final round in selection of convergence environments

The first interdisciplinary “convergence environments” in the life science strategic research area will be selected this spring. The deadline is 1 March. 
– Is it too late to apply if you weren’t in the first round?
– What is the impact of the relocation of the life science strategic research area in our premises in Sogn Arena in September?

Find the answer and Read more: Last round in selection of convergence environments

Attend the Oslo Life Science conference 2017

This is the second Oslo Life Science conference organized by UiO:Life Science for all of you who are interested in research, education, innovation, the private sector and politics relating to life science.

Let the EU know your opinion of H2020

The EU research programme Horizon2020 is currently undergoing a mid-term evaluation.

Organizations, institutes, universities, businesses and individuals are invited to submit their opinions.

While universities in Norway are sending joint input, and the UiO administration is sending input, individual researchers are also invited to tell H2020 what works and does not work well in the programme and to submit proposals for improvements.

Input is submitted via a web form that will be open until 15 January.

Postdoctoral courses open for registration

Word cloud.You can now sign up for this spring’s courses in the Postdoctoral Programme. The Postdoctoral Programme is for young researchers and is aimed at providing tools that will boost their career. Application deadline: 9 January 2017. The following courses will be held this spring:

  • Career development
  • Research management and supervision
  • How to attract external funding

Read moreAbout The Postdoctoral Programme and Courses

Medical Studies adds elective courses

Elective courses will be held for the first time in January 2017 in conjunction with the rollout of the new curriculum for medicine, Oslo 2014.

Medical students will be offered six different methodology specialization courses and 12 specialty courses. The topics from which these students could choose include medical, surgical and psychiatric research, health communications, global health, immunity, health management and cancer research.

“Most students were admitted to their top priority methodology course, and the vast majority were admitted to their first or second choice for the specialty course. Many professors have devoted considerable effort to developing the course, and we are now looking forward to January 2017,” says Jan Frich, project manager for Oslo 2014.

Read more about the introduction of electives on the web page for Oslo 2014 (In Norwegian.)

Socially relevant master’s theses

– There are few who can offer such socially relevant studies and a demanding master’s programme as psychosocial work, said Kristin M. Heggen, Pro-Dean of Health Sciences Education, during the formal graduation ceremony at Gaustad.

– Thinking critically, speaking for the weak and ensuring that rights are safeguarded is an important task in our society today, she added before congratulating the students with their diplomas.

Master’s theses in psychosocial work can be read in DUO.

Group of students with diplomas.
From The graduation ceremony for master’s in psychosocial work, main building at Gaustad Hospital. Group photo of the students with Pro-Dean Kristin M. Heggen and Programme Council Head Åse Langballe.. Photo: Øystein Horgmo, UiO

Nutrition studies mark 50 years

The nutrition programme turns fifty in 2016 and was celebrated with a day-long seminar on 1 December.

Read more and see the photo carousel at the bottom. (In Norwegian)

New academic writing centre at UiOAcademic Writing Centre logo.

Many new students are unsure about what it means to write academically, but also more experienced writers still need input. The Writing Centre is open to all students who wish to develop their own writing.

Here, students can discuss ideas, text drafts and questions about the writing process with a writing mentor. The academic writing centre at UiO is now open to students.

Read more.

November seminar with Russian partners

Rector speaking at Tøyen Manor.
Rector speaking at Tøyen Manor. Photo: Kristin Ellefsen, UiO

In November, the Faculty organized a large seminar for Russian and Norwegian researchers. The seminar dealt with cancer, haematology, nanotechnology, cardiology, bioinformatics, stem cells and nutrition. The first part of the seminar was more formal. Rector Ole Petter Ottersen hosted this part, which took place at Tøyen Manor.

The Russian guests at the seminar were department heads and researchers at Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University, Federal Almazov North-West Medical Research Centre and ITMO University.

The Russian Chargé d'affaires and Russian science attaché in Oslo and the Norwegian ambassador and Norwegian science attaché in Moscow also attended the formal part of the seminar along with Our Dean Frode Vartdal, Pro-Dean of Research, Hilde I. Nebb and Faculty Director Unn-Hilde Grasmo-Wendler, Director Tamara Lönngren of The Norwegian University Centre in St. Petersburg (DNUSP), Sverre Rustad from the Ministry of Education and Research, Jannicke Ludt and Kristin Høiby from the Research Council of Norway.

Researchers from the three Russian institutions are collaborating with, among others, Philippe Collas, Jan Øivind Moskaug, Joel Glover, Jarle Vaage and Kåre-Olav Stensløkken. Dan Atar, Sverre Kjeldsen and Per Morten Sandset also took part in the seminar.

Talk up a colleague

Apples and stethoscope.
Photo: Colourbox

MED-nytt is planning a new column in 2017: "My colleague". The goal is to become better acquainted with those who work at the Faculty – by having those who know them best talk them up. Do you have a colleague you think deserves attention? Tell us about it!

New Evidence Based Point of Care ResourceScreenshot of web page.

Nursing Reference Center Plus is an Evidence Based Point of Care resource to quickly answers nurses’ clinical questions. The Medical Library gives you access to Nursing Reference Center Plus. This resource includes continuously updated information, based on the best available evidence in nursing, allied health, and biomedical literature, written specifically for nurses.

Introduction of electronic travel and outlay attachments

From 1 January, 2017, employees with access to the HR portal no longer can submit paper documents. The entire claim, including all relevant documentation, must be submitted electronically via the HR portal.

We recommend: Keep your original documents until reimbursements are in order.

Exercise during working hours

Exercising woman.
Photo: Colourbox

All employees may work-out 1.5 hours per week. Make use of the organized training offered this spring semester. Cycling, tango, bootcamp and yoga are some of the many activities you may choose from. Jujutsu and Cross country courses are new offerings.

Read more: The spring program is ready

UiO's Christmas card 2016UiO christmas card.

Send out UiO's Christmas card for 2016 with greetings for the Holiday Season. The card is available in an electronic and a print version.

Arbeidstid i julen

Until Friday, 23 December, there are ordinary work days. 24, 25, 26, 31 December and 1 January are holidays.

Between Christmas and New Year, where the work situation allows for this, employees may start their work day at 10 am. This year, this applies to four work days: Tuesday, 27 December, Wednesday, 28 December, Thursday, 29 December, and Friday, 30 December. One of these days employees at UiO may take off with pay.

Read more.

Better overview of health care research

For the first time, HelseOmsorg21-monitor samler for første gang den nasjonale statistikken for helse- og omsorgsforskningen på et sted. Dette vil bidra til en etterlengtet helhetlig oversikt over ressursbruk, resultater og effekter av forskning og innovasjon.

Cristin logo.


Registration in Cristin

Remember to enter UiO as the address for your publications! In order to ensure that the funds the publications generate will benefit research, we need you to set up the University of Oslo as the address.

All employees, regardless of percentage of full-time hours worked, must use the University of Oslo address in addition to any hospital address.

PhD Candidates who are accepted into the doctoral programme must list the University of Oslo address in publications related to the doctoral work, even though they are employed elsewhere.

You will find a more detailed description of the address rules on employee web pages.

New network for research on personalized psychotherapy

Most forms of talk therapy work equally well, but researchers still do not know which patients benefit the most from which type of therapy. Researchers at UiO are now assembling a European network to find the answer.

Read more. (In Norwegian.)

Kjeldsen and Atar.
Sverre E. Kjeldsen and Dan Atar. Photo: © UiO/Øystein H. Horgmo

Kjeldsen and Atar are among the world’s most highly cited

Clinical Medicine Professors Sverre E. Kjeldsen and Dan Atar are the UiO’s only representatives on Thomson Reuter’s list of the world’s most highly cited researchers in 2016.

Research News

Britt Nakken and Peter Szodoray in laboratory.
Britt Nakken and Peter Szodoray. Photo: Kristin Ellefsen, UiO

Immunology: The art of waking up a cell

Researchers at the Faculty have shown that harmful immune cells are more easily activated in patients suffering from the autoimmune disease lupus than in healthy People.

Read more: The art of waking up a cell by Elin Lunde and Åslaug Brynildsen.

By Silje M. Kile Rosseland
Published Dec. 20, 2016 9:14 AM - Last modified June 3, 2019 7:32 AM