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May - News from the Management


Welcome to this year’s second issue of MED-nytt

First we have a small request to those of you who are academic employees in a double position. Keep in mind that the title of professor belongs to UiO. If you appear in the media, you are a professor at UiO and senior consultant at the hospital. Help the journalist get this right.

Kristin Heggen and Hilde Nebb.
From left: Kristin Heggen, Dean of Studies, and Hilde I. Nebb, Dean of Research.
Photo: Øystein Horgmo, UiO

Editorial: Russian-Norwegian collaboration

By Kristin Heggen and Hilde I. Nebb

The Faculty is building a strong partnership between Russia and Norway in the field of research and health education.

‘Our strategy to build a long-term and robust research collaboration with Russia has been to start with a few medical specialities in close collaboration with academic communities that are motivated to develop long-term collaborative relationships. We can now see that this success spreads like ripples in the pond to new specialities and researchers for the mutual benefit of Russia and Norway,’ Hilde I. Nebb says.

Read more in the editorial on Russian-Norwegian Collaboration.

What is your opinion on UiO’s form of governance?

Fifty people showed up to the general assembly that the Faculty arranged at the request of the University Board on the occasion of the SAB report. We encourage all those who missed the presentation to familiarize themselves with the report.

Do you have an opinion regarding how UiO ought to be organized? If so, you should read and comment on the report, which is now subject to consultation before the UiO Board makes its decision. Deadline for the consultation is 25 May.

Read the report, think it through and speak your mind!

Montage of pictures from the Jimma visit.
A positive atmosphere prevailed when the Faculty management visited Jimma University.
Illustration: Øystein Horgmo.

International Collaboration

The Faculty’s management has visited Ethiopia to renew the cooperation agreement with Jimma University.

The purpose of the visit was to renew the cooperation agreement between the University of Oslo and Jimma University. Other matters for discussion included new possible arenas for cooperation in the area of administration and involvement of the Faculty of Medicine in Bergen. The visit was highly successful, and all agreements were signed. Read more about the visit to Jimma University.

On Friday 13 May, representatives from Ethiopia came to UiO for a visit hosted by the Faculty of Medicine, represented by Bjørn Hol.

Group picture of new members of the Norwegian Academy of Sciences.
Far left: Dag Erik Undlien. Fourth from left: Marit Veierød.
Photo: Thomas Barstad Eckhoff, The Norwegian Academy of Sciences.

Two of our own join The Norwegian Academy of Sciences

The Faculty congratulates Professors Dag Erik Undlien and Marit Bragelien Veierød on their induction into The Norwegian Academy of Sciences.

Life sciences at the Faculty

Information meetings on life sciences have been held at nearly all the Faculty’s units. The goal is to establish convergent communities engaging in interdisciplinary research. The next step will be to arrange workshops for interested research groups for this purpose.

Read more on the Life Sciences website regarding the establishment of interdisciplinary research groups. (Norwegian)

The Faculty reinforces its efforts on internal control of Research 

The amendments will enhance compliance with the Faculty’s quality system routines during 2016. All staff members will be provided with the necessary training. All measures will be implemented in the course of this year.

Read more about the efforts to improve internal control.

The Holmenkollen relay race

Altogether 45 runners forming three teams from Helsam, IMB and the Faculty administration ran for the Faculty. Many of the runners from last year’s race could boast of a new ‘personal best’ for their leg. In general, both the men’s and the women’s teams ran faster than last year, but decidedly the fastest runners from MED this time were the ‘newcomers’ in the combined team. Read more in norwegian about this year’s race and see pictures of the teams.

Oslo Science Fair

The Faculty will have a strong presence at Oslo Science Fair with a total of six stalls. The six academic communities to be represented there are eColab and FYSIOPRIM from the Institute of Health and Society, Johan Fredrik Storm and others from the Brain Signalling research group at the Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, as well as The Skills CentreTone Tønjum and others from the Genome dynamics research group on antibiotic resistance and the National Advisory Centre for Late Effects after Cancer Treatment at the Institute of Clinical Medicine.

Oslo Science Fair will take place on 23 and 24 September at the University Square for a young and enthusiastic audience.

News about the faculty

News about Studies

Jan Frich.
– Major efforts have been made to set out clearly what the students shall learn from their medical studies. The content of the new study programme has been updated and attuned to society’s needs, says Frich, who heads the project for revision of the medical studies programme.
Foto: Monica Bring Estensen, UiO

Halfway to new medical studies

Oslo2014 sets out to provide doctors with solid medical competence and prepare the students better for working life. The revision project has been named Oslo 2014 and is one of the projects undertaken by the Centre for Health Sciences Education (HUS).

Research News and Events

Have you noticed?

‘Cycling to UiO’ is a full-year activity, with a special campaign from 1 May to 30 June with extra prizes. Join in by registering the days when you ride your bike, walk or run to and from work.

 – The next issue of MED-nytt will be out in June.

By Silje M. Kile Rosseland
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