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September - News from the Management


Welcome to the first MED-nytt of the semester

Now we have lots of news to report. The semester is already well underway, and Module 3 and 7 of the medical studies programme has started in line with the new study programme scheme, Oslo 2014. Read the editorial from the Dean, Frode Vartdal, on innovation and innovation studies. Take a look at the Faculty’s new web pages for core facilities, and get to know your new research funding advisers.  

Portrait of Frode Vartdal.
Dean Frode Vartdal. Photo: UiO

Editorial: Hang on if you want to come along

By: Frode Vartdal

"The value of an idea lies in the using of it," in the words of Thomas Alva Edison. The Faculty’s new programme for innovation training took Edison at his word, and aims to inspire staff and students to think innovatively, to better equip them to bring good ideas to life.

Read the full editorial: Hang on if you want to come along

Anne Kveim Lie.Digitalis purpurea to Anne Kveim Lie

The Faculty management has awarded Anne Kveim Lie a digitalis for her fantastic work as a communicator.

Read more in Norwegian: Digitalis purpurea to Anne Kveim Lie

Kari and Delphine advise you on funding

The Faculty has secured two competent new advisers for the External Funding Unit (EEF), Kari Schjølberg-Henriksen og Delphine Nicolas. They can assist you with long-term planning as well as applications to obtain funding for research.

Read more about who Kari and Delphine are, and how they can help you to obtain funding for your research.

Course in funding

The advisers at EEF also run courses. These deal with applications to funding bodies such as the Research Council of Norway, EU Horizon 2020, the Norwegian School of Sports Sciences, the Norwegian Cancer Society, the South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority and the Norwegian Extra Foundation for Health and Rehabilitation. The courses are held in English, in partnership with Oslo University Hospital. Contact point for more information about the courses: To reserve a place, you should register now:

  • 25. oktober, kl 9-15.30: How to write competitive proposals
  • 6. desember, kl 9-11.30: Project implementation: Routines for start-up and management

Funding opportunities

Remember to keep abreast of funding opportunities by reading the Faculty’s "Funding opportunities" email on Fridays, or check out the Funding opportunities web page.

The deadline for the ERC Starting Grant is 18 October.

Life science

As part of its support within the area of UiO’s strategy for the life Sciences (in Norwegian), UiO:Life Science will fund several convergence communities – research groups that collaborate across conventional disciplinary boundaries – which will address major societal challenges in the fields of health and the environment.

Read more about the latest news from UiO:Life Science.

Elections at UiO

The autumn election of a new faculty board representative for temporary academic staff is coming up soon. Your vote is important for university democracy. Election turnout at UiO is worryingly low. Read more at Uniforum (in Norwegian). Use your vote in the autumn election!

Drawing of head filled with cogwheels.

Useful exchange on learning technology

Stellenbosch University recently visited our Faculty to exchange experiences on learning technology – a highly useful visit. They were particularly interested in our work on e-learning, and were able to share with us interesting experiences with regard to digital platforms and learning tools. Read more about the visit.

Research days 2016

The Faculty was strongly represented with five stands at the Oslo Science Fair, and had a separate seminar about the boundaries of health Research.

Read more in Norwegian: Our contribution to the Research days 2016

The Faculty contributes to the science and innovation festival

Cutting edge logo.Each year, the University of Oslo, Oslotech and Inven2 arrange the Cutting Edge non-profit festival. At the festival on 18 October, we will showcase the most exciting developments in research, technology and innovation. The life sciences will have their own stand at the festival, which will be opened by Erna Solberg, the Norwegian Prime Minister. Those taking part from the Faculty of Medicine are: Anne Spurkland, Camila Vicencio Esguerra, Steinar Aamdal and Johanna Olweus

Be inspired! Register and see the festival programme and festival trailer on YouTube.

Student sitting beside patient in hospital bed.
Module 3 is the students’ first encounter with patients. Photo: Horgmo, UiO

Both Module 7 and Module 3 is now underway

In the new Module 3 of the medical studies programme, medical students encounter patients for the first time by way of clinical placements at the university hospitals. Module 3 is part of the project Oslo2014 – a revision of the professional programme in medicine. It is the first integrated clinical module and represents the start of the clinical component of the programme. Read more about the introduction of Module 3.

Exhibition about blood and the mouthPoster for the exhibitin "Blodet".

Bloodletting, transfusion medicine and cupping. The Medical Library welcomes you to its "bloody" exhibition.
7 September 5 October, Medical Library, Oslo University Hospital Rikshospitalet.

Do you ever wonder how many bacteria are in your mouth? Would you like to see old children’s books about teeth? We have old objects on show, and new research from UiO and OUS.
7 September – 5 October, Medical Library, Oslo University Hospital Ullevål.

Course for employees

Have you checked this autumn’s course calendar for UiO employees?

Ongoing life-threatening violence (PLIVO) is a new scenario course for researchers who teach. PLIVO course autumn 2016: 13 October, 3 November and 1 December.

Development of new apps for research purposes

Are you interested in the possibilities for using apps in your research? See the video of USIT’s lecture (ow removed) on developing mobile apps for research purposes. The lecture included a presentation of two apps developed for research communities from the Faculty of Medicine.

Module 1 of the medical studies programme to hold the first examination in the new building

Nytt eksamensbygg i Silurveien. Foto: UiO

On 6 October, the Faculty of Medicine will hold the very first examination in UiO’s new examination building. Hanne-Guro Aabelvik, digital examinations coordinator at the Faculty of Medicine, gives us a sneak preview of what we can expect at Silurveien 2. Read more about the new facilities.

Waste recycling for the Faculty from this Autumn

We are encompassed in the green shift that UiO is undergoing. The University shall meet global environmental and climate challenges through the research we undertake and the study programmes we offer. At the same time, the University shall operate in a sustainable manner. Read more: Rector’s blog: A green shift to waste recycling (in Norwegian)

UiO’s source separation project will finally reach the Faculty of Medicine during the autumn. Our staff in the Harald Schjelderup building are already recycling waste. Information on the roll-out of waste recycling for the rest of the Faculty is coming soon. Meanwhile you can watch this inspirational video (in Norwegian) about the roll-out of waste recycling at the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Do visit UiO’s pages on source separation (in Norwegian) for more information. If you have questions, these can be answered by sending an email to  

New Chairs sought for REC South East Norway

We would like to remind you that a new Chair and two Vice Chairs will be appointed to deputize on the four committees for REC South East Norway from 1 July 2017 for a period of four years. The Chairs are nominated by the Faculty of Medicine and appointed by the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research. The committee has a multidisciplinary composition and is tasked with assessing projects with regard to considerations of acceptable research.

The work of the committee Chair provides an overview of the type of research being conducted in the field of medicine and health science. REC’s web pages give a useful insight into the work. If you are willing and able to take on this appointment, please contact Knut Ruyter. Deadline 1 October.

Scientia Fellows: Final announcement made

Flags from several European countries flying in the wind.
We would like to welcome all our new researchers in the Scientia Fellows programme. Illustration:

The third and final announcement for Scientia Fellows has been made. In August, 46 candidates were offered a position after five international academic panels submitted their assessments. Hilde I. Nebb, Pro-Dean for Research and Scientia Fellows coordinator is highly satisfied with the implementation and outcome of the announcements, in which a total of almost 90 postdoctoral-level researchers are participating.

This is a tremendous boost for the Faculty. Competent and talented researchers from around the world are coming here to the Faculty of Medicine. Several of our researchers will be able to travel abroad to spend a period at strong partner institutions. All the participants in Scientia Fellows have the opportunity to boost their careers by making use of the courses offered in the Postdoctoral Programme.

News about the Faculty

Screenshot of web page.Core facilities in one Place

Do you have any advanced testing that you dream of getting done?
Or do you need an overview of laboratories that can help you with your research?
In that case, we recommend you visit our new web pages for core facilities.

Read more about the new web pages with an overview of core facilities.

Fantastic communicator

The Morgenbladet daily has named community medicine specialist Anne Kveim Lie as one of ten fantastic communicators in Norway. Read more about this accolade.

Group picture of three people.
Frode Vartdal, Dean (left), Ludvig Sollid, head of the centre (centre) and Sveinung Hole, representing the K.G. Jebsen Foundation, at the opening of the K.G. Jebsen Coeliac Disease Research Centre. Photo: Hilde I. Nebb, Dean of Research/UiO

Opening of new K.G. Jebsen Coeliac Disease Research Centre

Between one and three per cent of the population in Norway suffer from coeliac disease, and many are undiagnosed. On 18 August, the K.G. Jebsen Coeliac Disease Research Centre opened its doors. Here researchers will develop improved treatment and better diagnostics for coeliac disease. Read more about the opening of the new Jebsen Centre.

Research news

 – The next issue of MED-nytt will be out in october

By Silje M. Kile Rosseland
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