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MED-nytt, no. 1 – 2019

Welcome to the first MED-nytt of the year. We would like to wish everyone a happy New Year and provide you with news about our new management, research awards, qualification for Jebsen Centre grants, the Life Sciences Festival and Jahre Award nominations, and much more.


Team Gladhaug.
The Gladhaug team. Photo from the autumn election campaign. From left to right: Eivind Engebretsen, Elin Olaug Rosvold, Ivar Gladhaug, Hilde Nebb, Jens Petter Berg. Photo: Øystein Horgmo, University of Oslo

Happy New Year with a new team of deans and new managment at Helsam, Klinmed and NCMM.

The new team of deans has been busy since they entered the scene at Sogn Arena just after the beginning of the year. Dean Ivar Gladhaug has already held two management forum meetings with the management of IMB and the new management of Helsam, Klinmed and NCMM. This week he and the other deans and the rector at the UiO started working on the UiO’s 2030 strategy. – I think we’ve had a good start and that we have been well received, says Professor Gladhaug. 

There are a number of new things that we need to become familiar with, but we’re off to a good start. We are optimistic and enthusiastic about our work. During the late winter and spring we will be visiting the three institutes and the NCMM. We are seeking to establish good, open cooperation with all the staff at the Faculty, continues Ivar Gladhaug.

As part of the new management start-up programme, all the Faculty’s administration sections were invited to present their work and to clarify their expectations. – Cooperation has been good right from the start, says Faculty Director Unn-Hilde Grasmo-Wendler with satisfaction. We are looking forward to continuing, says Section Manager Liv Bjøntegaard Finess, who next week will embark on following up the annual plan and measures with the help of the new pro-deans at the Pro-Rector’s Office.

Pro-Dean for Research Jens Petter Berg will take up his new appointment on 1 February, but he has also been involved in the start-up programme.

Read more about the new team of deans in this article from last autumn: Presentation meeting with the new team of deans (in Norwegian.)

New funding for Helsam from the Research Council of Norway. Word cloud with "Research" emphasized.

In 2018 the Institute of Health and Society was granted funding for six major research projects by the Research Council of Norway. The total application sum amounted to NOK 73 billion. Read more in Norwegian about these awards

New Director in place at the NCMM 

Janna Saarela hpolding a presentation.At the Centre’s welcome meeting on her first day, Professor Janna Saarela said that she wished to focus on developing a good, collaborative multidisciplinary research environment over the next five years. She also wants to comply with the recommendations made in last year’s evaluation report for the NCMM. to develop close rinks with local hospitals and biobanks in order to enhance the NCMM’s translation research.

Another priority will involve helping to increase the NCMM’s international status by engaging in stronger cooperation with the EMBL (European Molecular Biology Laboratory), the Nordic EMBL partnership and other European research Networks.

Read more:
NCMM welcomes new Director Janna Saarela

Further reading:  
Expert in genomics of human immune disorders recruited as new Director of NCMM

Olav Thon grants NOK 10 million to help prevent osteoarthritis

Portrait of Lars Engebretsen.
Lars Engebretsen.

Congratulations go to Project Manager Lars Engebretsen and his team, Jan E. Brinchmann and Helena Brisby (University of Gothenburg), etc. for being awarded the Olav Thon prize. Their medical research project is to receive a grant of NOK 10 million for their research on preventing severe arthrosis (osteoarthritis) by treating focal lesions with cartilage developed with the help of tissue technology, and on preventing early arthrosis with gene therapy.

Read morePriser til UiO fra Olav Thon Stiftelsen 
Rectors blogg: Olav Thon Stiftelsen – til vitenskapens fremme

Deadline for nominations for Andres Jahre medical awards

Anders Jahre medical awards are awarded for outstanding scientific work or research results in the field of Nordic medicine. A separate award is also awarded to young medical researchers in the Nordic countries. The prizes, which are some of the main prizes granted for Nordic biomedical research, are awarded by the UiO. How to submit nominations.
Deadline: 1 February
The jury for the Jahre Awards is well known for making accurate choices: seven previous winners have been awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

Jebsen center logo.Pre-qualification: new Jebsen Centres

The Kristian Gerhard Jebsen Foundation has announced funding for new centres for medical translational research with a deadline of 6 May.

The Faculty of Medicine and the OUS (Oslo University Hospital) are invited to submit 6 applications. We are therefore holding a joint pre-qualification round in order to select 6 applicants who will be allowed to apply to the Jebsen Foundation.

Applicants without any links to the OUS will need to be associated with one of the Institute’s centres. In the same way, applicants without any links to the Institute will need to be associated with an OUS centre. Applications for pre-qualification will be evaluated by a committee composed of Nordic experts. Applicants will receive a reply by 26 March about whether or not they will be permitted to submit an application to the Jebsen Foundation.

Anyone interested must use the K G Jebsen Jebsen Foundation’s pre-qualification template and submit an application to the Faculty of Medicine and the OUS by 12:00 hrs on tuesday 5 march.

Read more: Full information about the pre-qualification process (in Norwegian)

Group picture of Subject Committee.Subject Committee acts as a link between students and companies

The newly created Subject Committee set up by the Institute’s health managers is a student society representing all students studying for Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees on health management and health economics.

Students who are involved in the Subject Committee and who participate in events on behalf of the Society build networks and receive valuable experience for their future careers. The Student Society works to improve academic levels in the everyday lives of students. It organises everything from company visits to management seminars. The next management seminar for students is being organised in conjunction with the OUS’s Careers Day on 7 FebruaryRead more about the Student Society.

Publication and electronic registration of external work

Scientific employees and employees with budgetary authority who have external work or ownership interests, shall register such on the HR Portal. The University Board has decided that external work and ownership interests shall be published from February onwards. Read more here.

Information for employees

  • Minutes of the Management Forum of 8 January
    Most important business: increased admission to medical studies. New institute management at Helsam and Klinmed. New Director at the NCMM.
  • Minutes of the Management Forum of 11 December
    Most important business:
    • Information about the work of the Municipal Strategic Research Agency (KSF)

    • Forskerlinjen in the PhD Regulations and supplementary rules
    • Research business: Scientia Fellows II
    • Educational business: enquiries about increasing the current number of educational places. The RETHOS process. The UiB has now been asked by the Ministry to set up a course for chiropractors.

    • IMB: Institute Board elections. NCMM: New Director commences on 7 January. Helsam:UiO’s welfare award and 4 new NFR (Research Council of Norway) projects. Klinmed: New IT agreement with the OUS being negotiated.
  • Preliminary minutes of the Faculty Board meeting of 18 December
    Most important business: the Faculty's financial situation. Proposals for external representatives for the Faculty Board with effect from the New Year. Strategic recruitment jobs. Data science and big data can help to improve Health.
  • The Faculty’s Annual Plan, 2019–2021 has been updated on our website.
  • Welcome to the start of your studies: 5 tips from the Library biblioteket.
  • Omorganisering sentralt ved UiO. Nye avdelinger for studieadministrasjon, forskningsadministrasjon og kommunikasjon ved UiO fra 2019. Ledelsen og støtteenheter (LOS). Avdeling for fagstøtte (AF) som tidligere har bestått av 132 ansatte blir til tre nye avdelinger: Avdeling for studieadministrasjon, Avdeling for forskningsadministrasjon og Avdeling for kommunikasjon og samfunnskontakt.

  • Google logo.G Suite for Education is Google’s answer to Office365 and it is now available to UiO users. The data processing agreement between Google and the UiO allows anyone wanting to store and save material in Google to do so under Norway’s data privacy legislation.
    Read more about the Google tools which are available at the UiO.
  • Anders Jahre Fund for Scientific Advancement  – to be advertised in 2019.
    Grants worth up to NOK 2,353,000 are available for medical research. These grants will be allocated as contributions to scientific work or research, preferably undertaken in connection with the University of Oslo. Priority will be placed on large research groups where one joint application is submitted by several project manager (environmental funding) and on younger, promising post-doctoral researchers. Deadline: 15 February.

  • SFI logo.The Research Council of Norway: New advertisement released by the Centres for Research-based Innovation (SFI). At least ten new centres for research-based innovation could start operating during the autumn of 2020. Please also read the Faculty’s information about this: SFI - Centres for Research-based Innovation (offline april 2019). Deadline 4 April. If you are interested in receiving support for your application, please contact: the External Research Funding Unit (EEF)

  • UiO advertises an award from the Berit and Peter Wessel Zapffe Fund. Deadline for applications: 15 February.
  • Interested in Gemini collaboration? The Gemini concept is a model of strategic interaction between parallel academic groups at the UiO, NTNU, SINTEF, St. Olav’s Hospital and NTNU Social Research. The next deadline for applying for Gemini status is 15 March 2019.

  • Rektorbloggen: 2019 – wishing you a great European Green Capital year!! (in Norwegian)

  • Skiing Day, 2019. The UiO’s activity day this winter will take place on 28 February. You can choose between going on a long skiing trip from Stryken, a short skiing trip, or walking along the tracks with Erlend Garåsen. This year everyone is also invited to round off the day with dinner and an award-giving ceremony at Soria Moria. Plan early and bring a bunch of lively colleges along with you. Information is updated here.
  • Woman in several training postures.Exercise during working hours: the UiO offers its employees a wide range of exciting exercise opportunities both during and outside working hours. Is this something for you? See also the company sports club’s list of daily activities.
  • Cultural lunch for UiO employees. Our spring programme is ready. Theatre, ballet, concerts, performances and poetry slam. These are just a few of the many items on our spring lunch programme of cultural events. On Wednesday 23 January employees and students are invited to attend a launch party.
  • Rector’s blog: Life Sciences Year, 2019.
  • UiO:Life Sciences in 24 photos from 2018. Read about all the major and minor events which occurred during the last year (In Norwegian).
  • You do not need to renew your UiO parking disc. Until further notice our 2016/2017 parking discs will continue to be valid. You do not therefore need to apply for a new disc for 2019.

  • Minister of Health Bent Høie drew attention to the work of Per Olav Vandvik (Helsam) in his 2019 Hospital Speech, entitled “It takes too long to implement knowledge”. “According to Per Olav Vandvik, it should not take more than six months from the time new knowledge becomes known until the results can be used in practice. Professor Vandvik is in charge of the development of MAGICapp (the MAGIC Authoring and Publication Platform). This app gathers and makes research available to everyone, including healthcare professionals and patients.” Read the Hospital Speech here (in Norwegian).
  • Rector’s blog: A small, informal annual summary - 2018. The Faculty of Medicine is well represented in the Rector’s informal summary of 2018.
    • January: Minister Iselin Nybø visited the UiO and together we celebrated the fact that the UiO had been awarded nine large, prestigious Toppforsk projects (3 for the Faculty of Medicine) - in Professor Kalle Malmberg’s laboratories at the Radium Hospital.
    • March: The Faculty of Medicine received funding for a new, major international postdoctoral programme – Scientia Fellows II – which focuses on career development for young people and promising researchers and on innovation. 250 new FTEs! Congratulations are in order.
    • June: Harald Stenmark received his well-earned place in the line-up with his second ERC Advanced Grant and the UiO’s Research Prize for 2018.
    • July: Six new winners of ERC Starting Grants, including Johannes Hov.
  • Horizon2020 Cover of Horizon 2020 the EU’s largest research and innovation programme. This programme will hand out grants worth over EUR 77 billion during the course of the programme’s 7 years (2014-2020). Read the European Union (EU)’s guide. Learn more about what the EU does in 35 different areas in order to improve life in Europe and elsewhere. Understand how decisions are made and implemented. See also Apollon: Topic EU (in Norwegian)..

  • The Research Council of Norway: what will happen to Norwegian Horizon 2020 participants in connection with Brexit? (In Norwegian.) The risk of a hard Brexit means that Norwegian applicants to Horizon 2020 should undertake a thorough assessment of the risks involved in cooperating with British partners. The Research Council of Norway recommends that Norwegian applicants should have a good think before they participate in applications which are coordinated by British institutions and companies.

  • Norges første kvinnelige professor i medisin, professor emerita Kirsten Osen (90), er fortsatt en aktiv forsker. Les om hennes glitrende tirsdagsforedrag om forskning på hørselssystemet ved hjelp av et tredimensjonalt rottehjerneatlas utviklet ved Laboratorium for nevrale systemer. Blant de mange tilhørerne satt noen av hennes tidligere studenter som pensjonerte professorer.

  • Norway’s first female professor of medicine, Emeritus Professor Kirsten Osen (90), is still an active researcher. Read about her fantastic Tuesday lectures about research on the auditory system (in Norwegian) which was facilitated by using a 3D rat brain atlas developed at the Neural Systems Laboratory. The jam-packed audience included some of her former students who are now retired professors.
  • Unveiling "The Dream" (in Norwegian). The artist Tor Gustad Molt is responsible for the Foto- og videotjenesten’s new decorations in the patients’ waiting room at the National Hospital.
  • Tributes to Arne Bøyum by colleagues at the IMB.

  • Department of Health changes its name. The new name is the Department of Interdisciplinary Health Sciences, effective from 1 January 2019.
  • Do you have a mobile phone subscription paid by UiO? The UiO switched its mobile phone provider from Telenor to Telia on Tuesday 22 January. Read more.

  • The Annual Report on the Education of Researchers 2017 (in Norwegian) was completed during the autumn and has been published on the Faculty’s website. The report contains:
    • Figures and statistics relating to all disputations and candidates according to their units. This includes sources of funding and educational background material.
    • New analyses of the educational backgrounds of candidates upon admission to PhD programmes. Conclusion: the international recruitment of PhD candidates has increased during the last ten years.
    • New analyses over a ten-year perspective of the completion time of candidates according to their employers and educational background.
  • Are you a project manager with a PhD? Suggest one or two projects for students seeking experience as researchers. UiO:Life Sciences will be funding 40 projects during the period April to September for Masters and Bachelors students and those attending professional programmes. Read more: Provide summer research projects for a life sciences students. Deadline: 1 February
  • Apollon: Book review in Norwegian. The First Mystery. The Story of you - before you were born, Katharina Vestre.
  • See Julia Kristevas honorary lecture A tragedy and a dream: disability revisited from the "Cultural Crossings and Care Conference", in October 2018.
  • The Research Council of Norway: Norwegian academic circles participate heavily in the Nordic innovation drive on personalised medicine (in Norwegian).
  • The research service entitled “Services for Sensitive Data” (TSD) has undergone rapid development. TSD started the new year with more than 2,500 system users and 530 research projects. A six-monthly users’ forum is now being set up for TSD users and other interested parties. You will receive the latest news about TSD and have the opportunity to share your own user experiences. You can also make suggestions about improvements and new functions. Sign up for the TSD Users’ Seminar, 1000 hrs on 14 February.


 Aktuelt om forskning og innovasjon

  • Old photo of photographer in operating theater.Medisinbloggen: 80 years of clinical photos (in Norwegian) by Photographer Øystien Horgmo. – Are you a hospital photographer? Do you take photos of patients? What are these photos used for?
    Many people do not realise that ever since 1938 the National Hospital has been employing photographers for medical purposes. 
  • Hands holding a tablet.

    Dietary app boosts enthusiasm about nutrition when caring for the elderly (in Norwegian). Older patients became more aware of what they are eating and drinking when using the dietary app. This tool also provides healthcare professionals with greater clout and confidence when supervising patients.

  • Illustration of molecule.Medisinbloggen: DNA origami: A Unique Tool for Understanding Biology, by Jan Terje Andersen. In nanotechnology it is size that counts. These minute structures give us the tools to create unimagined possibilities in the field of personalised medicine. One of these is DNA origami.

  • DNA origami reveals the ability of antibodies to bind foreign bodies. Using DNA origami, a DNA-based tool for designing precise infrastructures, researchers have succeeded in demonstrating which distance between antigens will ensure optimal binding with antibodies.
  • Apollon: Simulates cancer treatment on your computer (in Norwegian.) In ten years’ time computers will be able to suggest the most suitable cancer treatment for you. The idea is to simulate how all possible combinations of existing cancer treatments will affect your particular tumour.


By Silje M. Kile Rosseland
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