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MED-nytt, no. 7 – 2020

In this edition of MED News, you can read about how extremely valued your efforts have been this spring. Faculty management awards two digitalis purpurea, one for researchers and lecturers and one for technical and administrative staff. You can also read about: University of Copenhagen joins the School of Health Innovation, which has recently opened new course registrations. Fresh facts and figures. MED is a partner in two new centres for research-based innovation. And lots more besides.


Digitalis purpurea awarded to our researchers and lecturers  

Bildet kan inneholde: linje, utklipp, illustrasjon, grafikk, deling.The faculty management would like to award a virtual flower to the faculty researchers and educators for the skilful and effective manner in which they handled the new teaching situation, as well as research activities and writing applications to the best of their abilities under completely different conditions to normal.

Read and reflect on what Dean Ivar P. Gladhaug and his staff have to say about your efforts this spring.

Digitalis purpurea for technical and administrative staff

Bildet kan inneholde: teknologi, linje, utklipp, deling, elektronisk apparat.The faculty management would like to award a virtual foxglove to all technical and administrative staff for their outstanding efforts during this coronavirus spring. Awarded to YOU by the Faculty Director and the administrative heads of the departments and NCMM!

Read the positive feedback received on the work we have done in recent times.

Nordic health researchers learning to become innovators

Bildet kan inneholde: sosial gruppe, team, ungdom, samfunnet, begivenhet.The University of Copenhagen is now becoming part of the School of Health Innovation in conjunction with UiO, NTNU and Karolinska Instituttet. This will benefit patients, the healthcare services and society through better treatment and new medications. Read the full article in Norwegian.

Also, be sure to notice:

The School of Health Innovation has opened admission to: Course 2: Entrepeneurship in Healthcare. The main purpose of this course is for you as a researcher to meet with and learn from entrepreneurs in the life sciences. Topics include commercialisation of research outcomes and how to create a good business plan.

Fresh figures and facts for 2019

Ivar Alver
Ivar Alver. Photo: private

The websites for our key figures have been updated. Key figures are the figures we use in presentations and when discussing the faculty. The figures are updated using fixed procedures applicable to all units at UiO, ensuring that everyone is talking about the same figures. Ivar Alver has strict control of facts and figures relating to the faculty. This year, the quality assurance of the figures took place from his home office.
Read Alver’s explanations about the background to the figures (in Norwegian).


MED faculty partnering in two new centres for research-based innovation

Frigessi og Edvardsen
Professor Arnoldo Frigessi og førsteamanuensis Kristina Haugaa. Foto: UiO

Professor Arnoldo Frigessi (IMB) is a partner in the Smartforest centre for research-based innovation: Bringing Industry 4.0 to the Norwegian forest sector, which looks at the digital revolution in the forest sector. The centre is owned by NIBIO and the MED faculty is a partner.

Førsteamanuensis Kristina Haugaa (Klinmed) is the leader of the Precision Health Center for optimized cardiac care (ProCardio) centre for research-based innovation, which looks at the use of artificial intelligence in the treatment of cardiovascular disease. The centre is owned by OUS and the MED faculty is a partner.

Read more:


Bildet kan inneholde: topp, hår, frisyre, hud, smil.
Kaisa Filtvedt (SMI) og Stefan Schauber (HUS)

The Student Organisation for Medical Innovation (SMI) has designed a study in collaboration with the Faculty of Medical (MED). They will investigate how bachelor’s degree students in health management, master’s students in nutrition, the professional study programme in medicine or one of our six master’s programmes in healthcare have experienced teaching during the spring of 2020.

The experiences and opinions collected from the study will help the faculty bring the positive elements of teaching during the coronavirus spring into its work to improve the teaching programme. Information issued to students: 
Help develop teaching at the Faculty of Medicine (in Norwegian).

A live study with active students

dekan og prodekan
Dean Ivar P. Gladhaug and prodekan Elin Olaug Rosvold.

Medical studies are not characterised by 200-year old teaching methods. Instead of evaluating the curriculum as planned, we had to adjust to new digital teaching methods. Dean Ivar Gladhaug and Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Elin Olaug Rosvold, respond to criticism from the Medical Student Committee. None of these challenges are new to those of us who manage the Faculty of Medicine, they write in their response to student Oline Marie Sæther in Khrono.

Read the article in full: A living course of study.


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